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  1. ~Thanks Heather I think all of the gazebos are pretty much the same size however the Chapel Gazebo has church pews instead of the white chairs for people to sit on. I'm not sure how many so I don't know if it accomodates more or less people. I do know that that Chapel Gazebo is beautiful as well as the area surrounding it but it is usually reserved for Catholic weddings so they will take priority over non-catholic ceremonies. Good luck and happy planning ~Thanks Kelly! I'm glad it was helpful I'm sure yours will be just as beautiful if not more so! We really didn't take too much stuff with us but what we did take made a big difference in creating the atmosphere that we wanted for our wedding ....ie. tablecloths and chair sashes, freeze dried rose petals (amazing for pictures and more color at the ceremony), pink and green lanterns for the lounge furniture set-up, pink floralytes and crystals for the centerpieces, our personalized shot glasses My advice would be to focus on the things that will make the biggest impact at your ceremony and reception as well as the things/traditions that are important to you (so glad we did our lazzo and sand ceremony... it made the ceremony more personal and special for us) and don't get too caught up on all of the 'little knick knack type of things'. There are so many beautiful things you can do and make for weddings but if you try to do too many it can create more stress than is necessary. Have fun with it! We are still so happy that we got married in Cancun and it really was the wedding of our dreams. It was completely worth it and we would do it all over in a second. ~Veronica
  2. Hi Courtney You can bring whatever decor items you want and just give them to your coordinator to set up. I brought my own tablecloths too. By outside vendors they mean outside photographers, florists etc., however they do work with Deco Cancun. There are also ways to get around using a photographer of your choice as long as you bring them as a guest. As for the floralyte, I just gave them to my wedding coordinator and she coordinated with Deco Cancun (who provided my centerpieces) and they put them in the vases along with the pink acrylic Ice I had given them. Hope this helps. ~V
  3. There is a thread on here somewhere of song selections and ideas for ceremony songs. I can't remember where though.
  4. Thank you They actually traveled great since they came in a very padded box. We put them in our carry-on luggage because we didn't want anything to happen to them. We didn't give them to the coordinator ahead of time though because we didn't want anything to happen to them (they were a generous gift from my bridesmaids) so we just had my sister in-law take them to the reception with her. I heard that if you break or chip one you could just send it to Swarovsky and they will replace it.
  5. Yes, they were VERY easy to work with. I just told them what I wanted, they gave me a quote, I approved, they worked everything else out with my wedding coordinator. Done. Â
  6. They gave me a fantastic price. I don't know if it was because I was already getting lounge furniture and a lantern structure from them but they only charged me $63 (or something like that) for each centerpiece! I thought it was well worth it! I'm sure if you send them a picture of what you want done they can give you an estimate. Â
  7. Â Thanks! I actually bought the LED lights off of eBay http://cgi.ebay.com/12-Submersible-Battery-LED-15-Light-Pink-/370382989456?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0 . They are actually really cheap but made a huge impact on the tables Â
  8. Here were our centerpieces. We ordered them through Deco Cancun along with our lounge furniture set-up and just gave the pink ice rocks and submersible pink LED ligths to our wedding coordinator and she had Deco Cancun add them (I had already asked Deco Cancun if they would put them in the vases if I provided them). We loved how they looked at night! Â
  9. Thanks everyone!!! I'm going to post more of the posed shots on my Facebook sometime this week. I'll let you all know when I do that Tammara and Grant took SO MANY good ones!!! Can't wait for you all to see! Good luck Woodsylou!!!! I'm sure your wedding will be FANTASTIC!!!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Nicyx Sorry to thread crash for a 2nd time.... I stopped by to say good luck to Louise, and couldnt leave without having a nosey at your pix, and OH MY GOD im so glad i did.... They are fabulous :-) You are one beautiful bride. Congratulations x That's so sweet!! Thanks!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by alison15 Oh my, so beautiful!! I love your picture and everything looks so great! Congratulations. You have to be so happy with your pics! Thank you! We are ecstatic with how they turned out
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Woodsylou oh. my. god! it looks just AMAZING! can i bombard you with questions?! how many guests did you have? what time of day was your wedding? where did you have your cocktail hour? where did you have your reception? did you hire a DJ? it looks just so amazing, i love your dress you look like a film star! your little bridesmaid is sooooo cute! the details you put into the day are amaznig, i hope everyone enjoyed it as much as they look like they did! fabulous photos. many many congratulations! LOL!!! Thank you!!! We do love how they came out We had 36 guests total, our wedding was at 5:00pm, we didn't have a cocktail hour because our reception started at 7:00pm and it gave everyone a chance to go freshen up and hang out at the lobby bar while we took pics, also they could go to the recetption site a little early and start getting drinks there from the bartender. Our reception was on the Caribbean Terrace on the Grand Side, we only got the iPod and speaker package and added upgraded lighting to the package. Thanks One of the bridesmaids is my daughter and both of the Jr. bridesmaids are my daughters. The little flower girl is my friend/bridesmaid and the best man's little girl She was SOOOO CUTE!!!! Yeah, everyone had a blast! It was so much fun!!
  13. My pics are in!!!! They're FABULOUS!!!! Here's a link to our Wedding slideshow if anyone wants to take a look Veronica & Patrick - Moon Palace April 24, 2010 - Tammsphotos.com
  14. Our pics are in!!!! They're FABULOUS!!!! Here is a link to our Wedding slideshow if anyone wants to take a look Veronica & Patrick - Moon Palace April 24, 2010 - Tammsphotos.com
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