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  1. Forgot to mention that we stored them in a very cold air conditioned room at the Villa we stayed at. We just placed them where ever they fit in this room; also, they lasted for quite awhile after we put them out...we were there 4 more days and they still looked nice after being in the heat both inside and out! I also brought back my bouquet and my family brought back several centerpieces; everyone will tell you that you can't bring back flowers from Mexico (including the airline, they told me this), but it's not true. As long as they are not planted and don't have roots it is okay.
  2. LisaSB: Hi! Our wedding was on a Friday, and we ordered the flowers on Tuesday morning. They also had supplies, like oasis and trays. I brought down my own centerpiece holders since I found some I loved, but if you want just regular vases I think they sell them too. So the flowers actually arrived on Wed. PM, but we just had them delivered on Thursday AM. My husband's aunts used to be florists and we had about 3 more people helping out with the arrangements and bouquets. I wanted mine very formal so it took longer (4 hours for 6 centerpieces, 5 bouquets, and 14 corsages/boutonnieres)...if you
  3. We just got back from getting married! I wanted to share my experience with others and provide information on all of the awesome vendors we worked with. I will preface this review by saying that with the exception of the church and the Villa, everything I organized was via email and I never picked up the phone once. (I had bad luck with my original WC so I ended up doing it all myself..I won't go into that here.) We got married at Iglesia de Guadalupe. They were very easy and pleasant to work with, but a prior meeting with the priest would have helped... some elements of a traditional Me
  4. Hi Jess! Thanks for the reviews, we spoke a bit via PM about the church before so appreciate that you posted a review! I was wondering what musicians you got for your ceremony, did you use the ones provided by the church or did the coordinators organize/find them for you? I would be interested to know more about them, if you indeed had any. Congratulations!
  5. Just to clarify my question...looking for caterers who's dinner with or without appetizer options, start in the $20-$30 price range (NOT including rentals). I know this is possible in other parts of Mexico...of course PV is a tourist area, but just wondering if anyone knew of anyone. Thanks!
  6. We are getting married here on May 14, 2010. At first the church was "wishy-washy" about letting us pick our date...at first, they said we had to have our marriage prep paperwork completed before we could pick a date! Then, after 2nd call they said they'd make an exception for us, and we told them we'd call back with our selected date. When we called to choose our date (3rd call), we got a different person than the first 2 times, and they then said that the Agenda was "closed" until a certain date, and to call back on that date. In the end, on the 4th try we spoke to the person we spoke
  7. It's so strange...I KNOW I've seen the posts with links to photos, but they seem to have been deleted, or else my searching is just not working I've seen the lovely pics on the DD site, and it's beautiful! I would love to speak to someone who's been there to see how the staff is, layout, access to beach, etc.
  8. Hello! I am relatively new to this forum...I've read a lot of posts about caterers and some of the pricing...some posts says you can expect to pay $20-$30USD for a nice meal (but they were posted a while back), others quote much higher prices $80+. I've gotten quotes from some caterers, and I am starting to wonder if the $20-$30 price range actually exists?! The quotes I've received are well over $40-50, once you add in the taxes. Does anyone have any info or recommendations on this?
  9. I am also curious about this...anyone have any contacts or vendors?
  10. Hello! I am relatively new to this forum. I will be getting married in PV on May 14th, 2010! We are staying at Casa Carol Ann and plan to have our reception there as well. Is anyone else getting married there, or have any photos/information to share about the Villa? I think there used to be some other posts while back, but they seem to have disappeared. Thanks!
  11. I am also looking for information regarding this caterer. Does anyone have any contact information? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for replying! I understand everything that you've mentioned, and it makes perfect sense. I think the most important thing for us is to find someone who is flexible and will let us do some of the details ourselves (rather than have just a day-of coordinator). For example, some things we already have resources for include photographer (a friend of mine who will fly down) and florists (my fiancee is from Mexico, and his family used to have a florist shop in Mexico and now they have one in LA so they want to do the arrangements, as long as we can order or buy flowers). I defin
  13. Hello! I am looking for recommendations for a flexible, reasonably-priced WC in Puerto Vallarta. I have received some quotes, but a lot of the caterers/coordinators I wrote to never responded so I do not have a good way to compare or have an idea what is a good price. Our reception is at Casa Carol Ann so a coordinator would be very helpful, particularly a Day-of-Wedding coordinator. I also LOVE decorating and organizing...so I want to do a lot of the planning and decorating myself, which is another reason that I am looking for someone reasonably-priced and flexible...basically I n
  14. When my fiancee spoke to them, he asked about that...they told me we definitely can do it the day before. There is another member, I believe her name is Silvia, who should have just gotten married there last week. She told me that she was having a rehearsal so maybe you could contact her with more details. Our experience with this church has been that the answers to your questions depend on who you ask:) Good luck!
  15. I also received a similar quote, although the minimum was slightly lower. I did find another WC ,who said she could work with me then all of a sudden today she said my budget didn't fit. So now I am back to square one. All of the other places I've found charge a flat rate and no minimum though. I didn't contact too many because I thought I found someone...
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