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  1. Hi All- We also didn't do too much. We had the invite, response card, accommodation and travel info (with welcome party invite on the reverse side). The accommodation and travel info was basic and included "for more info see www..." We are also going to send out an email to everyone after our response deadline with all airport arrival info, passport, attire for the wedding and find out who wants to play in the golf tourney, etc.
  2. Hi all! I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with this. We are going to be bringing some boxes down with us- but were wondering about shipping a couple of boxes as well. If anyone has recommendations on the best way to do this (Fedex,etc) THANK YOU!!!
  3. Hi all! I feel like I always have the most random questions on here- but here it goes! I know someone who could DJ for me who is fantastic, however, wouldn't be able to bring his equipment down. Has anyone ever looked into renting the equipment for a DJ? My WC has two she recommends- but I just thought I would ask.... THANKS!!
  4. Thanks Chica- that is great to know! We will definitely start at Costco then!
  5. Thanks so much for the info- I'm definitely going overboard bringing things down from here- and good to know I can depend on Walmart! Thanks again!
  6. Hi All! I'm finishing up our OOT bags and am planning on buying the snacks and water at Walmart or Costco when we get down to Puerto Vallarta. I'm planning most likely on bags of pretzels, goldfish and candy. I have small cello bags and labels to put the snacks in - just wondered if others did the same and any issues finding what you needed? Also- did anyone have issues bringing a lot of this stuff through customs? Thanks all!
  7. Thanks all for your great suggestions!! I'm looking into all of these now... last time I was there we did go to dinner at Hacienda San Angel and it was so beautiful with such great views, we were considering that.. but just not sure how many people will want to do something. Knowing our group- people will be ready to hit the town! Thanks again all!!!!!
  8. Hi All! So- I've tried searching but can't really see anything relevant here! We are having our welcome party on Friday night and wedding on Saturday night - however, many of our guests will be arriving on Thursday night. Can anyone share anything really fun they have taken a smaller group of guests to do the night BEFORE the Welcome Party/Rehearsal Dinner? I would love to hear ideas!!!! Thanks! Mandy
  9. Hi there! I have to say- our estimate was higher than we thought it would be. Our menu falls in the $80+ category per head - but that includes hors d'oeuvres during cocktail hour, salad course, choice of steak or fish and a sorbet course (which I think we are eliminating). That said- it also includes tables, basic linens, china, glassware, silverware, etc... did the quotes you were receiving include those items- I think that is where it can start to add up. I think you can find a caterer that can be flexible and will work within your budget- are you using a WC? I'm sure they would have rec
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by eggontop hi event sugar, i got a quote from vallarta weddings - it's $150 for a 10 passenger van from sayulita to china blanca (that's where most of my guests are staying). let me know if you find something better do people know if the curfew at china blanca is strictly enforced? Hi eggontop- What company gave you that quote of $150? I'm not sure about the curfew at china blanca- I believe there is a local estate manager who you might be able to talk to. Also- I forgot that you had booked site unseen- have you been there yet? If you want some non
  11. How fun! 2009 Vallarta Brides Tiffiney01 -Riu Vallarta - August 15, 2009 tcuvicki- Presidente Intercontinental 9/26/09 jmiranda - Riu Vallarta - October 20, 2009 Kimberl07 - Dreams Puerto Vallarta - October 30, 2009 Trisha (verh0016) - Las Caletas - 11-03-09 Jamie (smith3576) - Dream - 11-3-2009 (arrive Oct 2 Marie-Laine - Casa Aventura, PV - November 6, 2009 Sam (db2b) - Playa Fiesta, November 10, 2009 godaloveme-playa Los arcos- 11-14-2009 Jess - Dreams Puerto Vallarta - 11/28/09 MaryS-Mayan Palace - 11/28/09 Autumn - Dreams Puerto Vallarta - 12/5/09
  12. eggontop- it turns out that it is apparently not much more to rent 14 passenger vans to take them the whole way. The buses are not able to enter the development as it is through a stone gateway that is too short to accommodate the height of the buses. I am waiting to find out exactly how much the vans will be- I will post when I do. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for posting this! I am looking for a tour for our group on the day before the wedding and love to see options! I'm considering a private sailing trip for my bridesmaids while the boys are golfing- I'll definitely check with Scott's tours! Thanks all!
  14. Hi All- Just wanted to drop a quick note and say that we visited the construction site of the soon-to-be Taheima property in Nuevo Vallarta. It's built on the El Tigre golf course- and will be a residential/hotel property. It looks like its going to be amazing with 1 and 2 bedroom units (many with their own pool) as well as a whole "wellness retreat" atmosphere. They are going to have a yoga studio, tai chai gym, huge spa, etc etc. We have decided to have our guests stay there for our April wedding- so just wanted to share! Thanks!
  15. Hi All- Just wanted to update! I went to Puerto Vallarta last week and met with Priscilla and Hector. I can't say enough about how great they are. I am 100% confident that the wedding will be just what we imagine and we are so excited! We met with Priscilla for a couple hours and went over all details - she asked all the right questions and had great suggestions. Just wanted to let you all know!
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