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    Nice!! I'm sure it will be wonderful.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Nic Dragomire Im usually not one to pass judgement... but I think what they do to those bulls is weak and cowardly. I am a hunter and as a hunter we try not to put the animal in any pain and for sure we don't torture the animals we hunt. Whereas the bull fighter repeatedly drives a sword into the animal. might as well go and kick your dog or cat until it can't move anymore while your at it.... the bull will never win... so what if he sticks the first bull fighter, the second will come out and finish off the torture of the animal.. i feel better. I agree with you. Its something he wants to do (he's also a hunter - I'm not) and since its already going to take place with or without his attendance he'd like to witness it.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by DGG I went to one when I was in Spain several years ago - I may be the only one, but I didn't realize they actually kill the bull.. It was one of the most cruel and gruesome things I have ever seen in my life... several of the guys in our group even had to walk out it was so bad.. so anyway, if he really wants to go I still think he should do it - but he should realize what he is getting into.. the way they kill the bull really is brutal and cruel - he should at least watch it on youtube and think about if that is what he really wants for his bachelor party.. Yes, he's well aware that the bull gets killed but since its an authentic Mexican tradition he really wants to do it with his mates coming over from Australia. I'm not sure if we (girls) will be joining but thanks for the heads up.
  4. there are plenty, here are a few: zip line (canopy tours) Las Calentas bull fighting whale watching shopping golfing tequila tour
  5. My fiance would like to witness a traditional Mexican bullfight. After reseraching online I found that they take place on Wednesday nights at 5pm prior to going out on the town. Just wanted to know if anyone has done it or witnessed it? I know its not politically correct for all, but he wants to do it for his bachelor party.
  6. I am using Prisar and quite happy with them thus far. I would like to know if anyone has used them or plan on using them and if they could share their pictures. Thank you, Kisa
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by limon_b I most likely will do a weave just because I am lazy and do not want to deal with my hair. I had a short weave done in January to give it a try for the first time. My hair is just above the middle of my back and I got a short bob weave. It lasted not even a month. It was a new experience. It itched a lot!!! Also, I do not think my braids were small enough. I have really thick hair. After I had the weave washed for the first time (attached to head) my hair started to smell sour. I was under the dryer for 1 1.2 hours. That darm thick hair.... I am/was considering doing a front lace weave because the hair style I have chosen has the hair pulled away from the face. But!!! not many people here have done them and if they can do they are charging my first born. I am considering getting another weave this Sat with a bang, on the longer side and a bit wavy. Just to give it another shot. I get pretty anal about my hair and for my wedding/honeymoon this is just one item I do not want to worry about. I am leaning towards a weave for 2 reasons: 1) I like my hair a certain way 2) all the sun, heat for the wedding is a lot and I can not promise myself that I do not jump in the pool before the wedding. :-) Dying to know what you ended up going with and if the lace front worked!?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by BillysBride Sign me up!! lol FH already thinks I've lost my mind. I have two girlfriend weekends planned for this spring (in the same month no less) with all the wedding planning going on, but I love to go go go. I'd be right there with ya if I could. Just do a couple trial runs and you'll be fine! Get some brides books along with some of the handy dandy Sophisticates Black Hair mags and take your time figuring out what you like best. The style is the important part, not the how to get it. Thats always doable. You don't need lil' ole me. Savannah - If you are near where I am getting married I might just take you up on coming to Puerto Vallarta to do my hair - all expense paid. You just tell me the distance. I'm getting married April 25th. Let me know. Kisa
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by JUSTUSTWO So ladies, I've been a bad BDW member & am extremely late with pics. I never got a chance to post my planning pics or wedding pics. Please forgive me!!! I am posting links to all the pics that I have. I hope you enjoy! Here they are finally: Planning pics (includes pics of invites, welcome brochure, pens, ceremony fans, oot bag items, custom guestbook, pic of cake topper & bouquet): share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=2EbtXDlsyZOlg Robins teaser pics: share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=2EbtXDlsyZOtA Ceremony pics album 1 of 2 share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=2EbtXDlsyZPDg Ceremony pics album 2 of 2 share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=2EbtXDlsyZPLA Robin's pro pics: http://www.depaulaphotography.com/onlineproofing passcode YBH_2008 Robin's slideshow: Yolanda & Chris I am so happy with how everything turned out! Robin did an excellent job & I'm sooo glad that she was there to capture our moments. I just want someone to tell me when I'm going to get tired of looking at my pics cuz so far it hasn't happened. I could look at them all day everyday! Yolanda - Beautiful pictures!! Is that your hair or did you end up going with extensions or a weave? I can't tell!! kisa
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by meltanirie Everyone has valid pts "hair" corny I know but I felt I needed to break the tension a bit...anyhoo back to the matter at hand. My hair may also be a problem I have had it natural for going on 7 years now and I const have it braids. No one wants me to do barid for my wedding and to tell the truth neither do I. Humidity will kill me if I starighten it and I don't want to relax it I hate weaves they make me miserable---I know I pretty much have nothing left but if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. My hair is soft but thick and it keeps the starightness when ironed but thats in cold weather----I may have to relax it and waste 7 yrs of health (sigh) Girlfriend, I feel your pain. My hair is natural...well, it has a texturizer on it and I have been really stressed about what I'm going to do. I'm not one of those black women that really knows how to do her hair and I'm contemplating flying in my stylist to do it for the week so that I don't have to stress about it, but that is another $900 that I can't afford. The humidity in Puerto Vallarta is brutal. If I relax it it will still be frizzy. Not sure what to do.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by IrieBride08 Ok, here are a few more pictures (pro pics): My shoes and earrings: Getting ready: Chair decoration: Ceremony site and guests: Happy couple! Wedding cake from Evitas: I'll see if I can post more pictures later... Where did you get those fab shoes!? I love your hair. looks amazing!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Dana_C Hi everyone! I cannot tell you how happy I am that I found this forum!! Believe it or not I am not sure of my location or date, but I've already started thinking about what I'm going to do with my hair!! Thanks for all the helpful info- all of your pics are so great!! I completely agree!! I am getting married in Puerto Vallarta next year and I can't stop stressing about my hair. Not sure if I should do a weave or get a strong relaxer. I'm not one that has "good hair" and it immediately goes frizzy the minute I walk outside. My fiance wants me to wear my hair natural sans weave but he's Australian and doesn't get it. Oh the stress!! Kisa
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by BillysBride Twelve, girl I have been LOOKING all over for your wedding review! I need details, I'm dying here!!! I'm getting married in Puerto Vallarta, where is your location? I've never heard of it. kisa
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by karahmia Welcome back and congrats! I'd love to see more pics of your hair when you have time. So you went with Sebastian's instead of Franc Gole. What changed your mind? I just made my appointment with Fran Gole so I would love to hear your feedback on them. Also, how did you get in contact with Sebastian's? Do you have an email address for them? Who did you end up going with for your hair and makeup? My hair is frizzy as well and I'm very nervous it will go from a blowout to frizzy in the PV humidity. Any suggestions?