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  1. Hey Girls! I haven't written on here since I got married, but this great little online boutique has tons of bridal gifts! She even makes "fluzzie" koozies if you request it! I got my friends on a trip to Massachusetts her cosmetic bags with names embroidered on them and they were a great price! I wish I had her for my wedding! Check her out: sweetthoughtsboutique.com
  2. I have been trying forever to find the really nice thick beach towels at a reasonable price.* I embroider and think these would be great!* Does anyone have an idea as to where to get them?Thanks!
  3. I got mine from there too! I loved them! Everything was so fast and I got to make it mine more than the other places that sold them! I am so happy you liked them too!
  4. I was able to match my sand colors pretty exact for my sand ceremony! I am so excited! So, if anyone is interested the site is: Moon Glow Candle Supplies - Wholesale They were also very quick with shipping! Nice!
  5. Thanks girls! I did what everyone suggested and emailed her explaining what had happened. So, they are sending a return label and I am going to be able to get my money back! Thank goodness! I was really upset about it last night!
  6. I am so upset! My veil just came in...I had ordered it online. I had thought that a veil was a veil and didn't even think to look on here and see recommendations...stupid...I know! I pull it out of the package and 5 of the pearls that were in a single row and inch apart all fell of onto the floor! The veil then feels so so stiff...I was worried about it blowing too much in the wind! Now, if he were to touch my back he would pull my hairstyle out! I mean it is ugly! I paid $74 with shipping and thought that was a good deal since my bridal shop is $250 for the same type of veil (fingertip
  7. I am from there! Either time will be great! It will more likely be hotter in Septemeber...but there is the hurricane season worry. In December it is usually low 80s high 70s unless we get the occasional cold front. Then it only is high 60's low 70's! Have fun!
  8. I am not a Sandals bride, but really want to be a Sandals honeymooner! We are just having a hard time figuring out when to get the best deal and get the best rooms. We are on a tight budget and are kind of very last minute with this. Any ideas?!
  9. I ordered off of Purse shop Ebay store. They were beautiful...they were very quick with communication and getting them to me! I believe they were $3-4 each. The more you bought the better it got or you could email them to see an additional discount! I then had them monogrammed for my wedding party for $3 each at smartypantsbotique.com They were stunning and everyone loved them
  10. I am looking into getting the ones from Islandimporters.com for our guys.... They look comfy and nice!
  11. Thank you so much! I had no idea what the heck to do! I would post a picture, but I don't have any! I think I will go with my something blue panties I want from ETSY with my new Mrs. & Est. date.! I think I may get the cups sewn in or get the most padded bra ever...depends on my mood fitting day! Thank you again!
  12. Happy New Year! I am heading into panic mode! I got bored with the planning prior to Christmas and now am VERY behind! Does anyone have a program template I can model mine after? Thank you ahead of time!
  13. Hey Ladies! My dress is a strapless tafetta gown...looks like a southern belle dress. What the heck are you supposed to wear under these things?!
  14. I got mine from agiftfulheart.com. I LOVED them and got tons of compliments on them!
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