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  1. Marialma should be able to send you some... she sent some to me... E-mail me at shauna_rae67@yahoo.ca if she can't get them to you!
  2. We got married at Xcaret in March of this year. The free ceremony is for 15 people or less I believe... We ended up paying for a private ceremony since we had 38 guests plus ourselves and two of our guests were musicians from Ireland and we needed the space for them to setup. We also rented them some sound equipment. Marialma was so fantastic! The buffet food at the wedding was fabulous and better than the resort buffet. The food though at this resort is the best we've had at any all-inclusive and we've both been to the Dominican, different resort in the Mayan, Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta! Our wedding was our second vacation there... we got engaged at the same spot a year earlier! The resort photographers were also fantastic! It is well worth the money as they know the great spots for pictures and how the sunlight will fall at different times of the day. Hope this helps!
  3. I got married there in March! Best time, perfect,magical! Here are our pro pics from Cancun Studios... I would suggest them to anyone, they were fabulous! Keith and Shauna
  4. Do you still have the anthro dress and would you ship to Canada?
  5. We got married in Mexico in March and are now having an informal party in our backyard and my father, who is a minister, is going to officiate a pseudo-vow renewal ceremony - tie the knot or sand ceremony not sure which yet, Anyway, how do I word it? We are printing the invites with a Mexico wedding pic so space will be limited. Any suggestions? Much appreciated!
  6. Am I missing it or is there allready a thread just for AHR dresses? I haven't found one with a couple of searches... I got married in March and now am searching for a casual tea or knee length white dress for our backyard reception. Any ideas/links? I am in Canada! Thanks!
  7. I just got back and our wedding was perfect... and I really mean that! We had been to the resort before and knew it was huge... but we had guests of all ages and sizes and the trolley cart comes by really frequently and is shaded so anyone who didn't want to walk didn't have to... It was just beautiful! We are waiting for our photos from Cancun Studios so will post when we get some! Any questions you can e-mail me at shauna_rae67@yahoo.ca
  8. We are giving small bells that have a tag that says "It is said to be good luck to ring bells after a couple marries. And keep it for later and ring for a kiss" with our logo on it. We're also spending alot on OOT bags so this was a fun option. We're leaving them on the chairs at the outside ceremony with our programs!
  9. Please e-mail me I am interested in the size 4 also! shauna_rae67@yahoo.ca
  10. I am just two weeks away from my wedding, (wha-hoo!) but am now starting to freak out about the ceremony and if it will be legal. I am divorced but have gone by my maiden name for over 10 years, all my ID has it... My WC told me I did not have to get a divorce decree to get married in Mexico... as long as my ID had my maiden name... Also, when we get back, I know I have to have the license translated into English... What else has to be done? Thanks in advance for the help!
  11. Just curious... Sometimes couples have their parents' wedding pictures framed for the signing table... but what if your parents are divorced? My fiance's parents are still together but mine aren't... His parents are coming and I would like to incorporate them because this year will be their 40th wedding anniversary... Any suggestions?
  12. Okay... the dress came in... I'm 5'4" and the petite size was perfect for me! There is no zipper so you have to just pull it on over your head... It's very pretty... but not the best for my shape... I am a classic pear... I got a size 4P and it fit well but my hips look huge in it! I'm sure it would be flattering on someone else, but I ended up taking it back... Honestly, for $100, I think most of you could find something better! Just my opinion....
  13. I just ordered one and it's due on Saturday... I'll let you know how it fits!
  14. I just ordered one and it's due on Saturday... I'll let you know how it fits!
  15. For you Canadian girls looking for something beachy either for TTD or for AHR... or even for the big day... check out this one at Sears! It also comes in petite! They also have bridesmaid dresses and Mother of the Bride! Jessica®/MD Empire-cut Strapless Chiffon Gown : Sears Canada
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