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    Beautiful Eyelet wedding dress for sale

    and of course, I can't get the picture to post (again) I can't get access to upload images... so here is the link to a previous post where it is (dress 1) http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t16188
  2. So I fell in love with this dress, it arrived, I still loved it. Yay right? No, because it fit when I arrived, but my hips have gotten bigger from working out and now it doesn't fit! I actually I have two sizes (non-refundable) a 0 and a 4. I paid $560 for each. If your interested, PM me with questions/best offer and we'll see if we can work something out. I really hope these go to a good home, it is such a gorgeous dress- and so great for the beach! Its a cotton eyelet, nice and light, beautifully cut. Like I said, PM me with questions, or post on here! Thanks- Your Baghdad Bride
  3. mooretiggr

    dress disaster!

    I would consider the whole extreme diet thing, except I'm getting married on a Saturday and getting deployed to Iraq that Wed... anyone have a website/designer/store/style to suggest?
  4. mooretiggr

    dress disaster!

    Sadly no, it's a mermaid style dress and my weight has gained in the hips, there is not enough seam to make it fit again. :-(
  5. So I finally picked a dress... and sent all the others back (online orders).. and 2 weeks later, with 2 weeks to go, it doesn't fit me! It did, now it doesn't. Everyone loses weight before the wedding, how do I gain 8 pounds in 2 weeks! And I know my body, I won't be losing it.... I've got 8 years in the military, I know my body and how it works- so please no phoo-phooing it, trust me when I say it won't be gone. Where can I get a dress with 2 weeks notice? I'm slightly pear-shaped, very simple taste and hate satin with a passion. Can anyone give any advice?? Oh geez....
  6. We're talking about doing "to the ends of the earth" for the ceremony, and then when I return from Iraq next year adding "... and back again" when we have our reception. As in we love each other that much... but the timing is cute, we can't decide if it's too corny...
  7. So I've narrowed my bag choices down to 4, but now I'm stuck. Too big, too small.. what size did your guests prefer? what bags do you all like? Is original worth a few extra bucks (I'm only doing 15 bags)? Will the guests even remember it? or use it while they are down there? I trust you all, what do you think? Check out the chart in my ppt and let me know! PS- if anyone knows how to import my ppt slide into the post directly, let me know please! Thank you all!! bags.ppt
  8. mooretiggr

    Music ideas

    So my FI and I were thinking about a solo acoustic guitarist for the ceremony. Has anyone done something similar? We're nervous s/he wouldn't be heard over the waves.... We know we don't want the string quartet or a solo violinist, we're doing a much more casual affair. Any ideas/thoughts?
  9. mooretiggr

    Baghdad Bride

    oh and I need a decent videographer like yesterday! How do you find your vendors long distance and feel safe?
  10. thank you for fixing my post!!!
  11. ok so I have narrowed it down to three dresses, but I'm inclined to go against my gut because I fear the dress won't go over well... I wanted to get the opinions of everyone here and see which way the group falls.... and since I can't seem to get the upload photos to work I'll just insert a link I guess! Eyelet dress BCBG Nicole Miller
  12. mooretiggr

    Cocoa Beach

    I need help! I have a location, cake, flowers... I'm missing local info to put in the welcome bags- and more importantly a VIDEOGRAPHER! Can anyone recommend someone? I really want to make sure we have a great videographer so that my friends and family who can't be there get to see it when we do the reception back at home...
  13. mooretiggr

    Baghdad Bride

    Well my invites are on the way. I have had 0 luck with a dress so far, but! I've fallen in love with a picture of one, it should be arriving this weekend. My location is set, but my guests are not cooperating! Does anyone have a to do list that I can use? I'm a bit of a control freak... I need lists!
  14. mooretiggr

    Military Brides

    I am indeed. Coming up on 8 years now, most of the time I love the Army, but man oh man am I frustrated right now...
  15. mooretiggr

    Bikini Wax?

    Your pain level is directly related to the length of your hair. Longer hair= more pain. Talk to your waxer beforehand and find out how short it can be to still get an effective wax (my lady requires 1/4 inch). you can plan it out timeline wise with your shaving regime or you can use an electric trimmer to get it right. Either way, it'll save you a lot of pain! OH- and if she asks for help pulling your skin taut, do it! and pull it as tight as possible.