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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Agape Gems Our online album expired, but you can see the pics here: Shutterfly our original online album expired, but you can use this link to see our pics
  2. I know there are lots of brides on a budget, so I thought I would share this deal on Carlson Craft invites- Simply Sensible Budget Invitations http://www.beverlysspecialevents.cce...TOKEN=38844194 Flat Panel Invitation in White or Ecru $36.00 per 100. Includes black ink and single envelope. Inner envelope and other ink colors at addtional charge. I ordered by STDs from here, i will try to post a pic if I can find one.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by kate.com Beautiful Courtney! And I mean you! Does your man know how lucky he is? Awwwe, thanks Kate!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by StarAndJay Agape Gems: Thanks for the info! I wrote the wording for our ceremony already just had to put it in some kind of order... So after the signing of the marriage certificate & sand ceremony did you walk back over to where you took your vows and he pronounces you? or do you stay at the table area? Thanks again for answering my question! We got married at the beach gazebo and I asked to have the signing table set-up inside the gazebo instead of off to the side. So, after we poured sand we sat at the table and signed and then we walked around to
  5. The minister will do whatever you ask him to do. I didn't do programs, but I gave the minister the wording for the entire ceremony and he read it just as I printed it. I can't seem to find the file but here is basically what i remember; Welcome, opening prayer, hand ceremony, vows, sand ceremony, signing marriage certificate, kiss the bride, pronouncement. Minster added in the legal stuff like does anyone have reason these two can't be joined.... hope that helps a little
  6. Wow Kate! Everything is so beautiful! Everytime I see a blue and red wedding I fall in love with it all over again. I can't wait to see your pictures, if you get a good shot of your bridesmaids I would love to include it in my wedding jewelry portfolio I'm starting! Have an amazing time and cherish every moment!
  7. We stayed in a junior suite for the first few days and then we got a free upgrade to the a jucuzzi suite. You just have to ask politely at the front desk.
  8. Danielle everything was beautiful!! Congrats! I love the pics of you by yourself- just stunning!
  9. Our online album expired, but you can see the pics here: Shutterfly
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by kate.com Hey Courtney, I wanted to see your wedding pics and I couldn't open then with that password... I want to see your jewlery! The girls LOVED their jewlery. I should have ordered stuff for the mom's too. Oh well, next time! Hey Kate! I'm so glad they loved everything!! My online album expired but i'll PM you the link to my shutterfly album.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by K&Rwedding I would love any information you have. We are trying to book our honeymoon there this week and can't decide on where to stay. We love Victoria HOuse, but it is double the cost of anywhere else. Do you have any suggestions? Any feedback on where to stay, eat, company to dive with and any other advise. Best kathy Hi Kathy, We stayed at Caye Chapel, which is a private island and resort off the coast of Belize. The island is really nice and the staff was always pleasant. Here is the good and bad... Good: very laid
  12. This is from my friend's wedding a few weekends ago in Belize, we all wore the dress differently. Just fyi, if your girls sweat a lot they will have big sweat stains on the dress!
  13. So I know I'm super late on this one, but Congrats!!! You were a beautiful bride! And I just love all the colors! When is your AHR?
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