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  1. we had a welcome dinner at st. ann's restaurant. this was free and chandlyn just had some tables pushed together for us. we had a group of 48. as for the bars, i don't remember what time they open, but we had a cocktail hour at the dunn's river bar from 3-5pm and it was just us, so i am not sure what time it opens, but it is after 5pm. it is available to have a private cocktail hour though.
  2. @ justustwo - i wish i would have known you were there. i did have raffia fans. my wedding was at 2pm and then we had the poolside reception at the pool behind mammee bay and some of our guests went to the beach party for a while. there were only 2 weddings that day, so i don't know. @ everyone - i will try to post some pics soon.
  3. i finally posted my wedding review in that section. i know some of you have missed ROR reviews. so here is one.
  4. i saw other weddings while we were there and there was one other wedding on the same day as mine. i never felt like i wasn't the only wedding they had. chandlyn was great and made me feel special. it was great and i would do it again in a heartbeat.
  5. i used the chuppah for my wedding. i did not use any flowers just the tulle. i did not want to take away from the beach and the water. here is a pic:
  6. @kari- for the poolside reception we did have to pay for the bartenders. i do not know the exact price b/c it was included in the price we had to have the bartender for the cocktail hour. i think it is like $10 p/p.
  7. AIR JAMAICA= A- they were very nice. got us there on time and did not lose anyone's luggage. most of our guests flew air jamaica b/c the price was so good when we bought, $265 p/p round trip. you can't beat that. in may they did stop serving a meal on flight, but i did not care. LEES TOURS= A we used them for travel for a group of 8 from the airport to the resort and we also used them for private transportation from Riu to Couples Swept Away. We stopped at the Blue Diamond Plaza where i got postcards for my postcard guest book. they have everything there and they will bargain with
  8. thanks for the review. sorry you did not like the photographers pics, but the pics you had are beautiful.
  9. i am using anastasia. i am very excited. i can give details when i get back. from the photos i have seen, her style is what i wanted. i would not hesitate using anyone paula and damien recommend.
  10. i have been meaning to post. i got mine they are great. thanks jacilynda for putting everything together.
  11. oriental trading is great for oot bags. i got mine for 9.99 per dozen. you can also get things for the bags as well. check out target or walmart travel size section as well for oot items. you can also get your memorial candles and bowls there and decorate them yourself. as for the guestbook, you can get postcards once you get to jamaica and let people write notes on those and then put them in a book when you get back. that will reduce your list before you leave. most important...just breath...you will get it all done. i have 2 weeks and 6 days left so i can feel your pain.
  12. i can't figure out how to post the pics, but if you email me at thorntonwedding09 @ yahoo.com i will send them to you. i will say drbrainfreeze's pics look a lot better than anything she sent me.
  13. congrats on your wedding and the baby. your pics are absolutely beautiful.
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