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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Soon2beWed09 Congulations!!!!!! ur pictures are so beautiful. Hey we both live in Atlanta I hope my wedding is a beautiful as urs.... Did u have to pay a lot for ur photographer? P.S. i loved the dancers I am sure your wedding will be beautiful! The photographer was around $2100.00 for eight hours of photography and we have close to 800 digital images! Brian was a local photographer in Jamaica so I thought it was a good price---on average people can pay anywhere from $3000.00 to $5000.00 to bring in a photographer of your choice. Hope this helps-
  2. Just beautiful!! Everything was gorgeous! Awesome dress, loved the pumps, loved to colors of turquoise and tangerine! Everything was beautiful! Great photography and wonderful slideshow! I loved it!
  3. Hello Ladies!!! Thanks for all the compliments! I am sooo sorry that I have been off the radar and did not answer your questions in a timely manner. But I am back...so here it goes: Quote: Originally Posted by MoKe0506 Hi neema, is there any way you can please post a picture of your huppa? You can't print or save from your photographer's site and I wanted to save this pic as an inspiration.... No problem MoKe I will upload your pic and send it to you! Quote: Originally Posted by Scott-Pierre Congratulations! Your pics are great! It looks like everyone had a fantastic time! Seeing your pics made me feel better about choosing to get married during hurricane season. Did the price of the chair covers just cover the white slip covers? Did you bring the bows from home to match your color theme, or did the RIU provide them? The price of the slip covers included the white cover and the coloful sash on the chairs. I only brought the colorful huppah fabric (it comes with the white), table runners, and table decorations. Quote: Originally Posted by KHarrod Neema, You are truly my inspiration now since Im using the exact same colors as you did. How much tulle did you have to purchase from the fabric store for the huppah? Did they charge you extra to decorate it? Can you tell me what used to create your programs for your fans? You looked drop dead gorgeous and everyone looked like that had a awesome time and partied hard. I think I estimated about 21 feet in length (7ft x 7ft x 7ft) for the orange and pink tulle- It only cost me about 45$- I got it from an indian shop that sold Sari's so they had a large variety of colorful tulle. I used plain old white card stock purchased from Wal-mart or craft store and printed the program on our home printer. I used orange card stock /specialty paper I found at michaels to frame the program. I cut the orange card stock ruffly 0.25" longer than the length and width of the program. I took the program and the card stock to kinko's to be cut down to the appropriate length. I glued both together using plain glue sticks. It was really easy. Quote: Originally Posted by DreamsComeTrue Your dress was absolutely gorgeous and so were you! Who's the designer? Where did you get it? My dress is by Da Vinci and the style number is T8169. I got it from New Natalie's Bridal here in atlanta. It cost about $680.00 and I thought that was a great price being that I actually considered gowns that cost as much as $3,000 Let me know if you guys have any more questions!
  4. Congrats...lady! Welcome back! You looked sooo beautiful.....loved the pics and TTD pics had it goin' on....go girl! :-)
  5. I do not know if it is legal, however I guess I can say that I smuggled my freeze dried rose petals there. I had about 70-90 cups of rose petals. I repacked them in gallon ziplock bags and squezzed all the air out (They were flat like pancakes when I finished) the night before we left. We had so many bags of luggage, I placed several bags flat between clothing and other items in multiple bags. I am not recommending you do this- but its what I did. We did not have any problems getting through customs. If they do find them usually all they do is make you throw them away. Quote: Originally Posted by ajanders21 Anyone know if its legal to bring freeze dried flower petals into Jamaica??
  6. We did our speeches right after dinner at the Plantation, before everyone really started dancing. But is totally up to you...what you think is best! They did set up a miscrophone for us to use there so that should be no problem.
  7. I think they normally run $12.00 per chair for the satin covers and the sashes, but I managed to get them for $7.00 per chair for my wedding. I am not sure if the price changed due to the number of people we had at the wedding or what, but I know that it is usually $12.00 per chair. Quote: Originally Posted by Jill Does anyone know how much just chair covers are at the ROR. If I brought my own sashes how much would I pay to rent just the covers?? I am not sure it is worth bringing my own sashes,.. if anyone knows would love there in put Thanks
  8. Hi Mrs.B! You looked beautiful and both your dresses were gorgeous! I am so happy for you!. Everything looked wonderful!
  9. Thanks so much ! Well MoKe actually the white fabric draped on the huppah was furnished by the RIU. I bought the fuschia and orange fabric at at fabric store. My mother-in-law made all of my table runners for me. I just picked the fabric out and she did the rest. I think 2 hrs would be enough since the Plantation is a buffet(several people can serve themselves at once) and if you don't have all the speeches, garter toss, etc. I think that would be sufficient for dancing and dinner---unless your folks really love to just party! ;-) Quote: Originally Posted by MoKe0506 Neema, I love everything about your wedding!! You looked beautiful!! I will be doing the same wedding colors and I am happy to know that the Riu can provide different color fabrics for the huppa. And for only $250, it beats the fully decorated gazebo. You're the first person I saw that did that, I thought Riu didn't have different colors. I am so excited now!!!! I am thinking of booking the Plantation, in your opinion do you think 2 hrs is enough time? I'm not doing the garter or bouquet toss, and I'm not having any speeches. With that being said, do you think I can squeeze in dinner and dancing in 2 hrs, I don't think we can afford booking the plantation for 4 hrs? Also, where did you get your table runners from? I've been looking everywhere online with no luck.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by mswenna74@yahoo.com Hello Neem29 everything was lovely, if you could share how much you paid for the reception and the Dj, the time of your wedding to give me an idea of what it will look like at my time, and the total amount spent Here is what we paid for the cost of the wedding itself: Private Reception (for 4 hours)…………………..$1000.00 Minister Fees……………………….$250.00 Dancers/Fireater…………………………….$350.00 Huppah……………………………..$250.00 Aisle Runner………………………..$50 to $100.00 (can’t remember exact price) H’orderves and cocktails on beach…$ 720.00 ($12.00 per person) Chairs w/satin covers…..….$450.00 (got them at $7.00 per chair- not normally this price) Day Pass for photog…………………$50.00 (no longer a breach of contract fee- you can bring in any outside photographer that you wish- Nikki confirmed this via e-mail as well) Steel Band……………………………$150.00 (for 1 hr) DJ…………………………………….$600.00( for 4 hrs) – he played music throughout the entire reception Grand TOTAL…………………….$3,870.00 The wedding time was scheduled for 4:00 PM, but did not start until about 4:30PM. Let me know if you all have anymore questions!
  11. Thanks Tammy! Here is a pic of what she did for me- They really are beautiful: My barefoot sandal was slightly different than my bridesmaids Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host great review and i am so glad you used agape gems (she is a member, former bride now vendor)... i want to see a pic of what she made you. you look so elegant in your siggy pic...
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Debra~ Congratulations!! Your pictures were great and you were a beautiful bride!! Did you get your hair done at the salon or did one of your guest do it for you? I love it! Thanks Debra! My sister-in-law actually did my hair for me.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Trice Congratulations I'm a friend of Torey your new sister in law. Loved all the pictures. You made a beautiful bride. You looked like Mahogany. Hi Trice! Torey told me about you and that you getting married at the RIU. Thanks so much! I wish you the best with your planning- me finding this forum was a god send- you will love it.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by kate.com you are such a hottie! Beautiful dress! Congrats to you! Quote: Originally Posted by Angel Congrats, you look beautiful. I loved your colors. Amazing pictures! Thanks so much you guys! Quote: Originally Posted by ccunningham Thanks for such a detailed review! I'm heading to ROR in six weeks and am getting nervous! I'm so glad you didn't get caught in Gustav. Everything looked beautiful! Where did you get your sand ceremony vases/sand? Did they make it home OK without blending too much? Did the minister have a sand ceremony prepared, or do I have to write something for him to read? Also, did you set up a time to meet Chandlyn before you left or track her down once you got there? It's scary to read about the brides that have to hunt her down at others' weddings because she keeps blowing them off! Congrats! I got the sand ceremony kit online- I can't remember the name of the site, but if you google "sand ceremony kit" you get a host of vendors that sell them and can compare prices. They did blend a bit once I got it home though. I gave the minister a copy of the flow of our ceremony, which did include the sand ceremony. However we did arrange a meeting with the reverend ahead of time to discuss flow of ceremony and he would have been able to do it without the scripted one I gave him as well. I arranged a time to meet ahead of time via e-mail with the wedding planners- and if you are unable to get Chandlyn her assisstant Nikki is always available. I never had a problem with catching up with either one of them- they tend to always be in the same places.
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