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  1. They have pretty much any colour you want for the sash. Also I did not want the Saten Sash so I asked for Organza and they had that!! In my opionion the white with the sash truely makes a difference.. so nice!
  2. Marnie I am glad you are in the same boat though it means that it is probably a processing thing, I was starting to worry that it was lost and there was no record of our marriage.. at least Chandlyn wrote you back.. she wrote me once saying she is looking in to it and never again!!!! Keep me posted!
  3. I got married in April at ROR and I still have not received my marriage certificate in the mail!!!! I have emails Chandlyn 5 times with no response. Does anyone have Nikki's email so I can try her!
  4. If you dont want to pay the extra for the white chair covers and Sash but dont really like the brown ones there is a third option that I did! We had white fold out chairs ($5/chair) then had a sash put on those ($2/chair) so it was cheaper and looked a lot better then the brown (in my opinion)./ I will post a pic of the white folded ones later!
  5. Has anyone who got married in April got their marriage certificate yet??
  6. I had a poolside reception, yes it is around the pool by the suites. The way it is set up is that the beach and the water is behind the head table! You are close to the beach. It is a great set up and soo much fun, you wont regret choosing the poolside!
  7. We got married at ROR and were there from April 18-25 we left from Toronto and our price was $1606 per person, we split the free tickets between all guests. No matter what the price of the resort people who are not going to come are going to complain about the price be it $1400 or $1800, bottom line is they are not coming and people who are coming dont mind spending a little extra. Not a single person who came complained to us about price! The Riu is amazing and you get what you pay for. You are going in expensive season, if you push it to the first week of April it will be cheaper. I dont kno
  8. I did poolside so I can only comment on that, but it was amazing. We did the dinner and everything there but you can also just do danicng after dinner there which is 10/person (I believe) that includes open bar, tables set up with white linen and candle on table. They will move your flowers to this spot from Ceremony. The DJ is $150/hour, no matter where you have your reception you will pay that for the dj, so I guess you just need to decide if you want to pay $10 per person for the poolside or beach....
  9. absolutely gorgeous! How many guests did you have? There was 40 of us in total!
  10. Great review, I am still trying to figure out where to have my destination wedding and Jamaica is looking more affordable and fun everyday. Where at Rui was your ceremony? I am concerned to have our wedding at a big resort because I dont want a lot of random people there. I feel like it will take away from the moment a little. Also we have a real party crowd going, would you recommend the resort for this kind of group? Any info helps OUr ceremony was one the beach and it was amazing. People told me that there were a bunch of people watching our ceremony but to be honest I did not notic
  11. Are the little white lights included in the free package, or did you have to pay more for them? I dont know about the white lights. I emailed Tai Flora before going and asked how much it is to drap the coloums with white linen and put white lights around and thay said $30/column so I said no unless they wanted to do it for free. I never mentioned it in the meeting with Nikki, and on the day the lights were up, no linen, but lights so I dunno who decided to put them up, maybe Tai flora cause they messed up, or Nikki cause they felt bad for the mix up. Either way they made the area so nic
  12. These are all that i have right now. I am awaiting pictures from my professional photographer so I will post more later!
  13. We had 5 tables plus the head table... the roof over head is slated. I will try and post a few more pictures of it
  14. Hey ladies I keep trying to upload poolside reception pictures but it says invalid file can anyone help??
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