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  1. nulldog - if i am not mistaken, you must reserve rooms in order to have a wedding at the Rockhouse.
  2. nubulldog - i got my dress at Kleinfeld's in New York. It is a Priscilla of Boston dress. mrs foster - thank you so much for your kind words. that means alot to me and my husband,
  3. Inunez, i honestly have NO clue to who that was that did my hair/make up (same woman did both). Inise, my coordinator hooked it up for me. I didn't have a trial run or anything. I just showed her pics of the look i wanted. If it didn't look right, i was going to do it myself. I ended up doing my own hair & make up for the next day shoot. If you email Inise (weddings@rockhousehotel.com) and ask her who did Latoya's hair/makeup (wedding Sept 20, 200 then she will be happy to tell you. hope this helps.
  4. thank you Mrs Parker--- I am actually gearing up to start my own event planning company in New York. I have been told for years that I should go into planning events, and I love it, so we will see!
  5. Latrice, we took TTD session the day after the wedding at 9AM in the morning! The photograhers said the water is much blue-er early in the day. the photograhers took us literally to the side of a road by a beach. Other parts of the shoot was at the hotel and in the town right outside the hotel. It was suppose to be a 2-hour shoot, it ended up being 4 hours! we had so much fun!
  6. Hi Carla - The Rockhouse did my cake. I sent them a pic of what i wanted and they did a great job putting it all together; it looked really good --- even though the cake as far a taste wasn't all that great... Nikki - My husband picked up his tie at Macy's in Manhattan. I am not sure of the brand though. This would be a good time to look now b/c of the spring colors/accessories are out in the stores now.
  7. leobunny, Well is looks as though they have changed their requirements for 2009! They definitely beefed up their stipulations! The deposit is usually 50% of the total bill (taking your 'expected guest count, times the per plate charge, and taxes). That was what I had to do. I had my reception at the restaurant and the set up there, to me, is way better than poolside (the set up poolside is too spread out). So if you can meet the room requirements and can afford the minimum event (food) cost, it is definitely worth it. My husband and I are going back next year with our guests to have an anniversary party.
  8. Carla, Once you set the date, put down the deposit, you and your guest can start reserving rooms. Just don't do anything until the coordinator gives you the go ahead and that's usually AFTER the get the deposit~
  9. Carla, Once you set the date, put down the deposit, you and your guest can start reserving rooms. Just don't do anything until the coordinator gives you the go ahead and that's usually AFTER the get the deposit~
  10. Thank you all ladies for your comments. I tell my husband all the time that I want to have the same exact wedding all over again!!! It wasn't necessarily the wedding of my dreams, but it was definitely a dream wedding!
  11. Ladies, I uploaded my pics finally on the 'post your engagement/wedding photos' sub forum: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t36869 (I wasn't sure on how to update my original post).
  12. Ladies, I finally uploaded my pics from the wedding! My original post is in the sub-forum wedding reviews. I have been asked since the wedding when I was going to post my pics, so here they are. Enjoy! My wedding slideshow: Latoya & Joseph Wedding photos: Pictures by lebart0920 - Photobucket (click on slideshow in the upper right hand corner) My wedding review: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t31283 "The Rockhouse Hotel, Negril, Jamaica -- IT WAS AMAZING"
  13. The Rockhouse is a boutique hotel and it is not an AI. The prices there (restaurant, pool side food, etc) was pretty reasonable. Breakfast and lunch was like $10-15, dinner $25; but there are so many GOOD mom/pop restaurants (one next door to the Rockhouse called "Sip N Bit".. was SOOOO good and cheap - $5 meals). The only i would suggest is to bring your own bottled waters (water is high, like $2) and midnight snacks for the room. As for the costs, the per plate cost was $76 (we had 50 people) and the beverages and alcohol was by consumption. Not many people at my wedding drinks alcohol, so our beverage bill was under $1000 (this included water and juices). The you have to include the taxes (8.25% & 10% service charge). But i heard that the rockhouse has up'd their pricing and minimum requirements to host a wedding there, so you would need to contact them. I hope this helps! I would love to upload my pics, but the files are too large and would take forever!
  14. I ended up using Paul from Sound Illusions. Here is his contact: Sound Illusion DISC JOCKEY ENTERTAINMENT- MUSIC FOR ALL OCCASIONS P.O.BOX 25, NEGRIL, WESTMORELAND, JAMAICA. (876) 957-5267 (876) 382-9167 EMAIL: soundillusionent@hotmail.com He was wonderful! My guests stayed on the dance floor the entire night! I gave him a master list of over 300 songs, I also broken down the specific song i wanted played at certain times at the reception (ie, during the cake cutting; food serving, etc). I would highly recommend Paul. I was charged $160/hr. Hope this helps! -
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