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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by barrow Msasfraz- your pics are amazing. When u first returned I only saw the Dunns River pics, now I see them all and it is even more mouth dropping. I am using Frank as well, I am glad that he is a great person to work with. I am using the same wedding colors as well, just with a hint of cinnimon. With your pics I can see how they all will come together, thanks. oh and you two look great together. Look out for my pics next year, 8/1/09 Thanks for the congrats! Do me a favor and let Frank know if you retrieved his info from my review [Chiquita & Norris]... want to let him know how great his work is and how valuable this site is regarding feedback .... Good luck and can't wait for pics...
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by luvtoteachlaw I just got an email from Frank with pricing. Very quick!!! I really, really like his style. Quick question . . . how much does he require as a deposit to hold the date? Also - did you use a videographer? I know he offers one, but it was about $2,000 more. Thanks! I am really glad that you contacted Frank about photography for your day.. You will not be disappointed! just make sure you have an idea of shots that are must haves b/c Frank takes a lot of pictures... He required a $100 deposit to book the date and the balance due 1 week prior to event date. I didn't go with him for video due to my budget... but please go w/ video b/c i didnt and I regret it... Let him know that Chiquita & Norris referred you if you book. Congrats!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Soon2beWed09 Ur pictures are beautiful brought tears to my eyes.....I hope my day go as well as urs did ..of course there will always a few mishaps....Congrads!!!! Did u have to pay airfare or for a room for ur photograher? Thanks for the compliments... i still can't stop looking at my pics... travel costs were included in the photography package.
  4. Thanks so much! I'll be off to DMV, SSA and our banks tommorrow!! Whew, I got my papers ladies!!
  5. I am super excited i got my marriage register today! They sent me two copies. Questions for previous brides: Do i have to go to clerk of court office to get this recorded here? Is there anything else i need to do to make sure its recognized here? Can i take this to DMV, SSA and Banks to change my name? Super excited to claim my name on everything, well almost everything.... Please help!
  6. We used the mic and it was free of charge.. My guests and beachgoers heard the minister, when we said our vows and when out scripture reading was done by my friend. You can tell Chandalyn you will need a mic and she can have it set up for you.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by barrow your pics are amazing, who did them? I am looking for a photographer. You guys look so happy. Congrats We used Frank Panaro out of Miami. He was awesome! Check out his website Miami Wedding Photographers – Frank Panaro Photography and Video. If you send him an email he will respond asap and he's very reasonable. let him know Chiquita referred you. We were very happy and blessed ... i guess it shows in the pics..
  8. congrats and welcome back! can't wait to see more. My AHR was the same day in my hometown so we share the date. Congrats... one pic -- come on .... lol
  9. these are my songs used 1. Still in Love by Brian Mcknight-- groom and guys walk in.. shake hands w/ minister 2. Ribbon in the sky by stevie wonder--- both parents walked down to 3. Here and Now by Luther Vandross-- bridesmaids and flower girl 4. You by Jesse Powell-- MY SONG!!! -- i didn't cry then but I am now... i guess since everything is over and done.. Enjoy!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by BillysBride OK, since FH and I have basically decided to do away with the idea of inviting everyone for this big to do and focus on just the two of us, I'm wondering about notifying people of the AHR. Has anyone had invitations made, if so...what type? I actually had the thought of doing the message in the bottle invites and simply wording them as if we were literally sending them from Mexico..something along the lines of "Sending Our Love From the Shores of Mexico" along with the fact that yes, we got married and here's the celebration info. For those who have had AHR's, what did you do to notify people? Any suggestions or ideas would be great. I think this idea is super cute! I would stick with it. I sent out AHR invites that basically told them we were getting married in Ocho Rios Jamaica and if they could join us for reception upon our return. I made them really cute with my them and colors throughout.. seashells and crystals-- colors mango and aqua..
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by DallasAshli I will take them! I will pm you. Thanks! Edit: I'm having trouble pm-ing you but I will keep trying. Sorry! I received your pm with shipping info. I will ship tommorrow and tell you how much... Let me know how soon you need them so i can ship out accordingly.
  12. We HM at Couples San Souci in Ocho Rios.... It was awesome... My review of couplese san souci will be coming very soon w/ pics....
  13. I think I have about 8-9 raffia fans already wrapped in orange ribbon. No charge for fans but you pay for shipping.
  14. I used 2 1lb jars of sand in blue and orange. That was more than enough to fill up my frame. I forgot to glue the edges for transport so i would really recommend this b/c when i unpacked some of the sand was all over in my bag. It falls between the cracks b/c remember the frame is made to hold pics not sand ... use a little glue and you should be fine. I plan on adding a pic later. I will assume you pull out a glass panel, glue center and glue your pic and then slip the panel back in.... I am at work right now so i can't find my sand ceremony pic... Good luck..
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Neema29 Congrats...lady! Welcome back! You looked sooo beautiful.....loved the pics and TTD pics had it goin' on....go girl! :-) Thanks girlie.... i got super inspired looking at your pics a few days before my big day... Thanks to everyone for the love. Let me know if you guys have additional questions.
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