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  1. good stuff.........we are going on a second honeymoon BACK to couples. Our formal honeymoon directly following our wedding was at Couples San Souci, and now, we are planning our 2nd honeymoon for either CN or CSA.......i think that we are leaving towards CSA!! Either way, I am a Couples Fanatic For Life!!!!!!!
  2. That kit is cute, but it's not in their budget. They are around the $2 mark for favors, since they are choosing to do male / female favors.
  3. Italian.......hmmm....i thought scarface was cuban. I dunno.....lol Anyhow, I LOVE the glamed up compact idea. I found a site that sells these for close to $2 bucks each.....they come with the velvet pouch tucked inside of a box. This is def an option!! ETA: My clients wants the 1980's Scarface theme, not the 1930's.. That's why this is so hard!!! urrgghhh!! lol
  4. Thanks for that idea Amanda. It does go with the theme, but I was hoping to find a favor that was a little more "upscale" to say the least :-) ...but what did i expect with a scarface theme!!!
  5. Their budget is EXTREMELY tight!!! So we are certainly looking for the most cost effective road!!
  6. Congrats honey! Everything looked fabulous!! eta:: awwww.......i just noticed that we had the same minister!!! memories......sniff, sniff,...........lol
  7. Regardless of all that you went through, you were still a beauiful bride!! Congrats!
  8. Hi ladies........here's the deal. I'm doing a "Scarface" theme for one of my clients. For the male guests, we are doing cigars for favors, but I'm stumped when I think of what to get for the ladies (still keeping it within the scarface theme). Any ideas TIA!!!
  9. Congrats! I see that you all used Audrey from the hair / makeup spa. Everything looked great!
  10. yes, i did the same thing for my favors and transported all of them down with me. Here is a pic:
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