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  1. First of all, I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong place. Mods, feel free to move it if I did! We are leaving today (actually flying out tomorrow but this will be my last chance at the internet) for our wedding at the Palladium. I cannot express how great this forum has been in my wedding planning!! I am SO happy I found it! Thank you to Tammy and all the mods who help keep it a great place for DW brides to gather!! And thank you to all the great brides who share their ideas and inspirations! I didn't get a chance to do a planning thread (my favourite ones to read!) but I will do one when we get back! Thanks again!!
  2. We are off today!! We actually fly out tomorrow but are leaving home today! I can't believe the time is here!! Thank you all for sharing your ideas!! I'll post a review/pictures when we get back!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by coppergoddess13 Ladies- I just wanted to wish all the GP brides wonderful weddings. Due to recent financial issues that have arisen in my family, we are having to scrap the destination wedding in favor of something closer to home (a decision made just tonight). The resort looks amazing, and I hope you all have the weddings of your dreams! Enjoy! I'm sorry to hear that!! I am sure you'll have a wonderful wedding, wherever it is! And hopefully you'll get to visit the Palladium one day All the best to you!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by coppergoddess13 Jen and Tara- when are you ladies leaving for Mexico? I was looking at the thread thinking that there ought to be some weddings coming up, and then it hit me that it is actually January already. You both must be soooo excited!! We fly out next Sunday (the 18th). We are beyond excited!!! I have just been getting last minute things done for the OOT bags. Pretty much done everything now! I can't believe that 2 weeks from today I will be a Mrs!!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by neen sometimes it just takes an idea to get the juices flowing, so while this isn't great, hopefully it'll help inspire more (and better) creativity... "Leaving notes on someone's door... That's what these post-its are here for!" That's a cute one! Thanks I was drawing a total blank......
  6. We are putting post it notes in all the OOT bags so guests can leave notes for people on their doors. I need a cute saying or something to put on them so that people know what they are for! Any ideas Thanks
  7. Hey... Hope you girls all had a great Christmas!! We are doing the legal ceremony in Mexico as well so I'll also share our experience when we get back. We leave 3 weeks today!!!
  8. Hi girls! I haven't been on here in a while!! Our wedding is one month from today!!! The day after Jenn's We picked La Adelita for our welcome dinner which we are having 2 days before the wedding, once everyone is there. And we picked Mare Nostrum for our wedding reception dinner. I let FI pick these because he hasn't had much of a say so far. So, we looked at the menus on Palladium Addict and that's what he chose My spa appointment is for 9:00am on my wedding day but I'm getting a package (which I think is good deal!). It includes a manicure, pedicure, makeup and hairstyle. I'll also be using the steam room and jacuzzi before any of that starts. So, I hope the timing works out ok. I've had some problems with my wedding band. I special ordered it in white gold to match my e-ring. The original ring was yellow gold with a little bit of white gold. Well, it just came in after 5 and a half weeks (they said it would take 3 weeks) and it's the same as the original!!! So, they are now sending it out getting it rodium plated so it looks like white gold and have re-ordered the ring in white gold. I am a little panicky now cause they say the rodium plated one won't be in until January 1st! Everything else is coming along. I just have a few things to finish up for the welcome book I'm making.
  9. Oh, I don't know where I read that they charge a room rental as well. That's not a bad deal then!! I still don't think we have enough people to make it worth while though. coppergoddess - we did book with Tamm's. I will ask her for some suggestions. I hadn't thought of Cozumel... Good suggestion, thanks
  10. Us too... We won't have enough people to make it worth while renting out a private location. It might be worth it for a large group though. When are you guys going to book your hair/makeup appointments? I'm thinking I should do that pretty soon.... We are doing a "honeymoon shoot" with out photographer a few days after the wedding and she just suggested that we do it at a different location (I love this idea!). Any suggestions? We are thinking in Playa Del Carmen because there is a beach there so we could get some cool town shots and some beach shots. I'd like some pictures that show Mexico some and not just the beach. Any thoughts?
  11. Awesome deal, I'll have to check them out! Thanks for posting this!!
  12. We got maybe 10 rsvps back of the 35 invitations we sent out! I'd say about half of those came weeks after our requested "reply by" date. We stamped and addressed the reply envelopes and everything. All the had to do was check a box and put it in the mail..... Too hard for some I guess. So rude....
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by coppergoddess13 I don't know about dinner under the stars, but you can do a private dinner. It costs an extra $45pp (or $55, depends on the meal you choose) for the private reception. I think the options are covered, but they are open air, so you would still get the gorgeous outside feeling. I think there is also an additional $900 or $1000 for "renting" the private location (Gran Azul or La Laguna), on top of the $45pp. I could be wrong but that was the impression I was under anyways. A dinner on the beach under the stars would be perfect!! I'd be all over that if it was an option!
  14. Quote: LOL I was trying to research what kind of materials the bands were made of to see if I could use heat or oil to get it off! I was SOOO happy when I read your post. LOL! Too funny! I didn't even think of that!!
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