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  1. good stuff.........we are going on a second honeymoon BACK to couples. Our formal honeymoon directly following our wedding was at Couples San Souci, and now, we are planning our 2nd honeymoon for either CN or CSA.......i think that we are leaving towards CSA!! Either way, I am a Couples Fanatic For Life!!!!!!!
  2. That kit is cute, but it's not in their budget. They are around the $2 mark for favors, since they are choosing to do male / female favors.
  3. Italian.......hmmm....i thought scarface was cuban. I dunno.....lol Anyhow, I LOVE the glamed up compact idea. I found a site that sells these for close to $2 bucks each.....they come with the velvet pouch tucked inside of a box. This is def an option!! ETA: My clients wants the 1980's Scarface theme, not the 1930's.. That's why this is so hard!!! urrgghhh!! lol
  4. Thanks for that idea Amanda. It does go with the theme, but I was hoping to find a favor that was a little more "upscale" to say the least :-) ...but what did i expect with a scarface theme!!!
  5. Their budget is EXTREMELY tight!!! So we are certainly looking for the most cost effective road!!
  6. Congrats honey! Everything looked fabulous!! eta:: awwww.......i just noticed that we had the same minister!!! memories......sniff, sniff,...........lol
  7. Regardless of all that you went through, you were still a beauiful bride!! Congrats!
  8. Hi ladies........here's the deal. I'm doing a "Scarface" theme for one of my clients. For the male guests, we are doing cigars for favors, but I'm stumped when I think of what to get for the ladies (still keeping it within the scarface theme). Any ideas TIA!!!
  9. Congrats! I see that you all used Audrey from the hair / makeup spa. Everything looked great!
  10. yes, i did the same thing for my favors and transported all of them down with me. Here is a pic:
  11. You did a great job! can you post this so everyone can take a peeksie........thanks a bunch!!!
  12. IMHO, this is your event and I think that at the end of the day, you should be happy. Maybe you should just tell her that you appreciate all of her hard work, and they are lovely, but they don't quite go with your theme.
  13. in addition to all of the suggestions above, since I didn't have a MOH or even a wedding party for that matter, i took pictures of the final look and provided them to Chandlyn with handwritten instructions. ex. Fully extend and Hang from left to right (then i provided a picture showing the finished look, so she could know exactly the way I wanted it). She did a good job except for the way she tied my chair sashes.
  14. JA also has their own cell company called Digi-Cell. You can switch to their calling network for a small fee while you are there and switch back when you return.
  15. this is a good question.......i'm bumping for ya!!
  16. our welcome party and rehearsal dinner were both FREE! I would just let Chandlyn know a good amount of time beforehand that you would like to reserve a "common space" for your group to have a welcome party. If you want something private, you will have to pay.
  17. Our dj played nothing but soca and reggae. I had to go to him several times during the night to request that he mix it up some. To be on the safe side, I would bring a playlist or some back-up music!
  18. Here was our cake.....I upgraded because we had a big group, but honestly, it wasn't worth the extra $350!
  19. Taheerah, I can't believe that all of this happened on your special day. Despite the drama, you still sound upbeat about Riu and I'm sure that your day was lovely! can't wait to read your review and see pics. Riu should be ashamed of themselves. This is a major thing that can deter future buisness!
  20. I had some bd pics already done while I was in Jamaica, but I don't like my hair, face, etc..... We shot at 5:30am, the morning after my wedding, so needless to say, I've had better days!! Anyhow, I"m looking to get my book done and I need some more pics to add to it. Any of you ladies know of a good and INEXPENSIVE, female, BD Photographer in the LA Area? Please let me know! Thanks!!
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