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  1. Everything looks great!! I can't wait to see pics when you get back. I hate that we couldn't make it!
  2. I bought a small bag - maybe 8 oz for $8 or $10. I think a lb at the resort like around $20. It is really good coffee, but not worth the price. You can get stuff just as good here in the states and I really don't think anyone would notice the difference. I drank it every day at the resort though. Somehow my stepmom got someone at the resort to give her 2 big bags for free! I think they stole it and were looking for $$.
  3. I am sure bringing the cake back won't be a problem through security or customs. When we got back to Charlotte they didn't check any of our bags. Do they have a freezer there where you can freeze it? I am just worried that it may be kinda old by the time you get back and put it in your freezer at home. I would have a bakery here replicate the top layer of your cake on your 1 year anniversary. If you do bring it back make sure you wrap in tons of seran wrap and aluminum foil so it doesn't get freezerburn!
  4. We have an AHR planned for October 4th in NC, so we are going to turn that into our wedding and reception. It is going to be a crazy rush to find someone to marry us, a location, ect... At least we already had a reception basically planned. I will have to post a planning thread with all the information soon! None of our family lives in the area, so since they were already planning on making the trip down for the reception we thought that would be easier to just do the wedding that day too. About 1/2 the guests made it down - it was my family (12 ppl), our best man and his girlfriend and us. So it turned into a family reunion for me!!! We had a lot of fun together even in the hurricane! The rest of the people cancelled and about 1/2 of them had insurance. I don't know what the other people are doing about getting their $$ back or getting a credit from Sandals. Unique Vacations were the people the wedding was booked through and they were not going to refund our money. The travel insurance were not going to refund our money either because we made it to the resort. But the general manager of SGOR made a call to the President of Unique Vacations and they decided to make and exception and give us our $$$ back, which was huge! I don't know how we would have afforded all of the new wedding costs without the refund.
  5. I am back from Sandals Grande Ocho Rios and we had a great time!! Unfortunately Hurricane Gustav decided to come through and about half of our guests' flights were cancelled on Friday, so they would not have been able to get there until Sunday... (the wedding was scheduled for Saturday) So we cancelled the wedding. We couldn't get married without my Fiance's mom and his entire side of the family. Sandals was pretty nice about it and we should be getting a full refund. We had a great time on our "honeymoon" and I will post some pictures of the resort. It is really pretty.
  6. We are thinking about leaving tomorrow morning so that we can get there and then hope we don't get hit. I get so worried that we will not get there on Thursday and if we get there on Friday I don't know if we would still be able to get married on Saturday due to the 48 hours thing.
  7. I ordered mine online for much cheaper than the bridal store and it looks beautiful. It was $350 in the store and I got it for $80. I think a lot of women on this site have ordered from Occansey Designs. OccanseyDesigns Custom Wedding Veils - OBridal.com
  8. I don't have a TA... I talked to Darma and she said to just keep watching and have the guests call their airlines. US Air was no help to me. The flight has not been cancelled yet. I guess all I can do is wait and have all the guests call their airlines.
  9. I am supposed to get married at SGOR on Saturday, but Hurricane Gustav is in the Carribbean!!! The guests are all leaving the states tomorrow, Thursday or Friday and I am really worried about everyone getting there! It looks like it should be gone from Jamaica by Saturday, but if no one can get there it is going to suck! Everyone is asking how to proceed and I don't know what to tell them. I want to say find any way to get there because if Shawn and I are there then we are getting married! Oh well... I guess I will see what happens...
  10. Thanks for sharing your experience Bridget!!! Your pictures look great and I love your hair. It sounds like you had a great time. I can't believe I leave on Thursday for SGOR. Thanks for the heads up on the make up. I will definitely not have it done there. Anything else I should know before I go? How did your guests like it?
  11. I agree with Jenn that you should check out your local shelter. There may be a dog there that you both fall in love with and you can also save a life!!
  12. I got mine from Moonglow Candle Supplies. It looks really nice and they have a ton of colors. They even have colors that match David's Bridal's bridesmaid colors. 60+ Art Sand Ceremony Colors!
  13. Bridget - I am so glad you weren't affected by the hurricane!! I am glad you had a great time and I can't wait to hear more about it and see pictures. I can't believe I leave for SGOR in less than a week!!!
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