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  1. Have a great trip, do not let anything bring you down, I am sure everything is going to be great, and the small things don't matter (keep that in mind at all times)
  2. Welcome to the forum, and congratulation on deciding on the place and the date, consider that you have overcome the toughest part of the decision making process. Now it's time for the small things, information on which I am sure you find here, (if you search long and hard enough, I know I found it. ) Just remember, Don't Stress Out, and enjoy the planning process.
  3. Very nice pictures, thank you. Makes the decision making a lot easier. By the way, what about the view, is there any differences in that, such as a room with the ocean view, or with something else? How do you request it? If anyone knows, please share....
  4. Few of my guests are driving down to NYC from Toronto the day before the flight, and are flying out of JFK with me. If you have anyone who lives in NY, maybe it would be beneficial for you to drive here as well, mainly to get the dates that you are hopping for. (Just an option if all else fails)
  5. Thank you for the information ladies, each day I learn something new from this forum.
  6. Is there a certain number of people that you need to have in order to have a bonfire? I only have 10 adults and 2 children in my party, so Its a pretty small group....
  7. I have used BM for over 6 months now on and off, and I have not been braking out any more than usual. I love the make up and love the way it looks on me, i have very fair skin, and all make ups that I have tried so far, would give me a yellowish tint, which obviously did not look good. BM put an end to all of that, I love it.
  8. I have known my boyfriend for over 10 years, we lived very close to one another and very somewhat friends as much as a girls and a boy could be at the age of 12. We started dating when I was 15 years old and were together for 7 years when he finally proposed to me. It was raining that day, he took me to dinner, and as we were driving somewhere, I realized that we were back near my old building where I used to love (the place where he first kissed me.) So he said lets get out and take a walk, he was all prepared with an umbrella and all, opened the car door for me, and took me to that exact spot. Though he did not get down on one knee (that night anyway), it was the most romantic engagement ever, I wouldn't even be able to imagine this, (and I at that time was imagining many different scenarios knowing that its a matter of time before he pops the question.) Well now, its 29 days till our wadding, and I can't wait
  9. Happy birthday, great wishes, hope all of your dreams come true
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