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  1. ok, girls. i know i'm going to sound like a total prude for saying this (i did like the show) - but i was a little shocked at the content. i mean in the first scene there was this girl going down on ethan in a car @ school! it seemed like the old show always had some kind of "message" - like brenda and dylan's pregnancy scare. i did like it - and i'll watch it again, i was just a little shocked.
  2. watch out ... you'll get hooked. i find myself constantly hitting "refresh" to see the new drama! love it!
  3. Do you guys ever go to onlinebigbrother.com? It is a blow-by-blow of what goes on in the house. I can't stand Ollie, Michelle & Jerry after reading the crap that comes out of their mouths. Michelle is total WT. Gross. She'll most likely go home this week - and then I think that, barring Ollie winning HOH, he'll go home. He's been nuts - trashing the BB House - and making everyone feel uncomfortable. Dan did go back on his deal, but its BB - the point of the game is not honesty and transparency!
  4. hey, bsullivan - just saw your buckeye pic! yea! another buckeye bride. i also got married at ror! fun!
  5. it was creepy that jerry kept following them around - but i also thought it was a bit creepy that april was straddling ollie in bed ... ON NATIONAL TV. their PDA makes me a little ill. seriously, would you like the who world watch you lay on top of some guy you just met 38 days before ... she's a piece of work.
  6. i love the nominations! i hope someone takes jerry down and then she puts ollie up! also, how is it that michelle is now suddenly OK with that group? she was a power hungry-witch last week. now, she's everyone's bff. say this for the girl - she's pretty smooth. also, i kind of like the way renny is conducting her hoh. she's basically interviewed people and got promises - nice!
  7. also - i know dan is a big favorite on here, but he is driving me nuts with his "whimp" routine. i know he claims that is his MO, but the whininess of "i'm not a strong player, i guess i'm just not good" drives me crazy!
  8. anyone think the april/ollie thing is a showmance that april is using to get ahead. bb fans ... remember the showmance on bb allstars!
  9. these people go from zero to sixty in no time. there can be no little disagreements - everything is wwIII - and involves personal attacks, swearing and name calling. michelle needs to get over herself. why shouldn't libra have taken the hawaiian vacay from her - it is a game! then she attacks her parenting skills? wtf? also, i do think jerry is losing it. his thing with dan is ridiculous - what was all the big deal about dan taking off his cross? didn't jerry take off his marine corp stuff before he double-crossed brian in the first eviction. i pretty much dislike everyone on the show. memphis and keesha are ok, but that's about it.
  10. I know - I loved watching him get beat by Renny, of all people! It was great. Did you hear him in the confession room saying that the whole competition "was bogus" - he's arrogant AND a poor loser. I hope he goes home! Also, I think Dan is about the worst America's Player choice. He's NOT smooth at all!
  11. what's the deal with keesha and dan - did they ever form an alliance? it appeared they were going to that one show, but she's in another alliance, too.
  12. i think it will be angie tonight - unfortunately. the house guests don't seem to be that annoyed with jesse - maybe it is editing - how could they not be annoyed with him/? if he doesn't get evicted, i'm afraid he'll win HOH ... that would be unbearable!
  13. Maura - you look SO pretty. It will be here before you know it! :-)
  14. yeah - i wonder if there was something that wasn't shown on the show that would have made jerry say that. memphis's reaction was crazy ... he looked unbalanced. he kept saying ... "say it again, see what happens" -- what is he going to beat up a 75 year old? also, did libra lie about steven? i can't remember.
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