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  1. We had a mariachi band at our wedding. They played for two hours before the ceremony and after the ceremony. They also played our exit song, which was Marcha Nupcial. This is what I did: I went to Amazon.com and under MP3 downloads and did a search for mariachi wedding music. You can listen to a few songs on there. If you need help, I can provide you with my wedding song list that I put together for the the Mariachis.
  2. Congratulations and welcome back! Sounds like everyone had a great time!
  3. If anyone is interested, I have 30 organza sashes in turquoise. Send me a PM if your interesed. chair covers-chair sashes-chair cover sash-organza sash-chair ribbon-wedding supplies
  4. Ok, so after trying and trying, I finally figured out how to upload pictures. Here are some of our non-pro shots.
  5. We also got the premier package, but we didn't have a bridal party. DH and I headed out to LC at noon. Once there, we got massages, relaxed in the jacuzzi and then started to get ready. It was really nice to be able to head out early and just relax before the big event. Kelley made sure we stayed on track so we wouldnt run late....you kinda lose track of time there! As for mosquitos, no one had mosquito bites. We took bug spray but didnt end up using it at all.
  6. We are finally back from PV and I have nothing but great things to say about LC!! Our wedding was on May 9th, and I have tosay that Kelley went above and beyond...everything was beyond my wildest dreams...it was much more than I had expected!! And the whole family cannot stop raving about the place, especially the food..lol! Congratulations Mrs. Stolp!!!! I cant wait to see your pictures! We too had Nate as our photographer and he was the best! He scared me afew times doing his wild antics to capture a picture! We cant wait for our pics! We will be stalking his blog everyday!!! I have to figure out how to attach pictures on here!! ARGH!!!!!
  7. I was in PV two years ago and will be going back for my wedding this Thursday and i can honestly tell you that we have never had any problems or encountered any bad expiriences while there. Of course, you should always take the usual precautions when you are on vacation. We would walk back to out hotel at like 2 or 3 in the morning with no worries. I think what you are hearing about is in more rural areas of Mex.
  8. You will be totally fine. I used to work for Customs in Chicago. As long as your passport is valid at the time of entry into Mexico.
  9. I tried using glue made for glass....but that didn't work. I ended up using a hot glue gun to glue the back glass pane, took out the third glass pane, and hot glued the second glass pane. I re-inserted the first glass pane...no glue. I did a test using colored sand i purchased and it didn't leak....hopefully it will work once I use it for the actual ceremony...lol!
  10. We are also having Nate Cordova as our photographer. His prices are very reasonable! Check out his blog license to Still
  11. Kathy, everything looks great! Congratulations!!!
  12. Ok, so I purchased my frame from a fellow BWD bride. I've read through all the directions and I'm going to try it tonight. I'll keep you ladies posted on the outcome!
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