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    Where do I buy Floral Vases in PV?

    Where is the costco in PV? Do they have a good selection of drinks, beers, food?
  2. Hi gals - those of you getting married or have been married at Our Lady - what is or was your experience? Where you able to have a rehearsal before the big day and was the priest involved? Did you have any trouble with the mass itself? I'm trying to hold it together as I was just informed (2 weeks before I leave for Mexico) that I cannot have a rehearsal?!?
  3. OMG! I was not aware of this. I am glad no one was hurt. I hope that everything settles down.....my wedding is in 18 days!
  4. great OOT bag - and seems like you got great deals.
  5. I can also make them. I posted some a while back. Please PM me.
  6. MissLucky7Bride

    DIY Boutonnieres

    so very adorable!
  7. I am having problems opening the link - any help would be appreciated
  8. Thanks for all the info~
  9. I cannot access the brochure either - can you send it to me?
  10. Thank you for the link to the customs thread. Looks like I will be studying it this week
  11. MissLucky7Bride

    Place card holder ideas

    luuuuv these ideas!