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  1. I wanted the same thing! We're having ours at a private villa on the beach and our coordinator said they weren't allowed in the area because of the palapa roofs. So we're going to figure out another 'wish' option that won't literally set the roof on fire!
  2. I finally picked a Villa! What ultimately made my decision was the friendliness and helpfulness of the owner. He's been so kind recommending nearby activities etc... While looking online for more photos of my Villa, I noticed that it has been listed for sale. Now I'm a bit nervous! I've noticed that a lot of Villas are for sale - but I'm wondering what recourse I have if I rent this Villa and it sales before my wedding in May of 2012. Also, I have to make my Villa payments by personal check. I'm no longer comfortable with this because of the pending sale. I can't get my money back if I need to if I write a check, like I can with a credit card. I'm not sure what to do. Is it commonplace for Villas to be listed for sale and does this affect their 'business'? Anyone else pay with a check?
  3. Rui Jalisco looks fantastic! Let me know what you think of it - I'm planning on using it as the 'host' hotel for our guests. We are staying at and getting married at a Villa about 15 mins away in Bucerias.
  4. I haven't seen many 2012 brides posting - Where are you? How's your Progress? What's your date? I'm May 12, 2012 at Villa Encanto. My Save the Dates go out next month along with the roll out of full wedding site (I wanted guests to have a full year to plan) Roll Call 2012 brides - 2012 it'll be here before we know it!
  5. Yay! We reserved Villa Encanto for the wedding next year. I'm excited about this choice. Can you suggest - restaurants nearby, hotels for guests or must dos/sees in that area? Is it far from Zona Romantica - can guests stay there and shuttle over? We probably won't do a site visit - so I'm planning site unseen. Any help or insight you can give me would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I really want fireworks at my Villa wedding! Anyone have any information on Pyrotechnic companies in PV?
  7. Oh yeah, I heard Villa Encanto has some electrical issues - especially given all the power needed for vendors? Is this true - did you have any problems at all?
  8. Can you give me contact information for Chic Concepts - I used the email address on their website (info@) and it bounced back twice! I also contacted Mar Weddings - I'll let you know about my experience.
  9. Thank you! I'd love to see your photos...it would be a big help. I doubt we'll be doing a site visit so I would be nice to see some photos of the villa. Thank you
  10. I'm so taking this idea! We were going to do something similar for the Save the Dates - but decided to use something else ----> www.stinkerpants.com However, I think its a great idea for the Will you be in my wedding invites! Perfect! Great Job!
  11. Helllp! I am very concerned about the financial expense that our guests will face to come to our wedding in PV? The bridesmaids have: Dresses Hotel Flights...etc. And the list goes on... What should we definitely pay for in PV? Are responsible for excursions? Meals? etc...? What things are you footing the bill for - for your guests?
  12. Hi I'm new to this site - I love it! You guys have been so helpful in so many ways you don't know. I am considering Villa Encanto for the wedding/reception. We got a decent rate. Does anyone know if in general Villas are open to negotiation onrates? We will be staying at the Villa and offering the other 4 rooms to our guests on a first come, first sever basis? But what about my other guests? I want a hotel close by and nice! Any suggestions on hotels? I'm open to small boutique hotels - large resorts are not necessary
  13. Can't wait to hear your feed back on Villa Encanto. I just got my quote today and I think this is the one I'm going to book. However it is only 5 bedrooms - it has 7 beds though (2 day beds in a common area).
  14. Hi Jenniebey, What's your wedding location? - its lovely! I also plan to source Michelle - pics were fabulous. Thanks!
  15. So glad to see this post - albeit too late. I have already contacted Priscilla and have not heard a reply. I am OK to cross her off the list. I agree - it is good she was respectful. I am sure there are other coordinators who would be happy to have the business. I am looking for a wedding coordinator in the PV area to help with coordination of my wedding and they MUST do same sex couples.
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