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  1. Sneak peek of Krystal & Suvir's wedding at Secrets Maroma. Wedding Design by Mishka Designs. Florals by Planner 1. Photographs courtesy of Pink Palm Photography.
  2. Real Wedding in Puerto Vallarta at Martoca Beach Garden. Coordination, Florals + Design by Mishka Designs. Photographs by Soko Sandoval.
  3. He's definitely still around . Just give him a call and send him an email - the messages up above have that information .
  4. I met Elizabeth's Mom and Dad before I met Elizabeth and Matt and from that moment forward I knew this wedding was going to have that additional touch that I cannot bring to it - it's something that comes with the bride and groom and their wedding party - that special touch of love and warmth and joy which is the cherry on top of a beautiful design and thoughtful coordination. And I was right - this party was one for the record books and the love was over flowing and the joy was contagious ... and Elizabeth brought me the cutest apron I have EVER seen and had written me the nicest thank you c
  5. When Priscilla of Prisar (one of my favorite Vallarta coordinators first approached me with doing a French Vintage Garden themed wedding - here in Vallarta - I thought to myself "Oui Oui!!" We didn't have a lot of time and there were still things not quite finished (the bride's dress was being made, the invites not quite done) but when a bride is responsive you can get a lot done in a very little amount of time and Rene was great about answering emails! Coordinator: Priscilla of Prisar Weddings Villa: Not mentioned because it's no longer for rent - no need to torture you . Cake:
  6. As this 2011/2012 season comes to a close, I cannot believe how seriously LUCKY and fortunate I am to have THE most amazing, caring, sweetest clients EVER. Being part of a multi-cultural relationship myself, I have a soft spot for other multi-cultural relationships and with Lili from Querertaro and Kieran from England (but lives in Spain - I know - go figure!), well, let's just say we all understood each other from the start . As usual, I don't do these events on my own, but had help from these amazing vendors: Villa: Casa Chocolate, Chacala Villa Agent: Casa Helga Caterer: NAEF by Pierre
  7. Also, I have a new addition to the "favs": Archie's Wok ... it's now my "go to" place when I want a special occasion dinner. It's a small Asian/Fusion restaurant located in Ollas Altas - they have a facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/archieswok. Just yum yum yum! I'm going to do a little food blog this summer (since I'll have a bit of time on my hands and will do pictures and directions, etc. to my favorite places to chow down .
  8. Thanks guys . @FabiLara - blue and red ROCKS - it's one of my favorite combinations! But will admit to having a soft spot for the colors in this one - just very tropical and "beachy" yet modern .
  9. I'm so sorry! I'm so use to nobody posting on my threads that I hardly check these . I'm not super familiar with Nuevo Vallarta - we only go to the Plaza there to hang-out in the children's play area from time to time. I know a couple of restaurants have opened-up out there that look nice but I honestly don't know what they are called! Anyway, I know I'm not much help but didn't want you to think I was ignoring you :).
  10. I always post when we have first rain so that those of you who have weddings in June or who are looking for wedding dates for next year, have something to compare it to as to when the rain will start. The good news - it will cool things down. The potential bad news - if it stays true to norm we will have rain from here until mid-October every day. We'll just have to see!
  11. Huge congratulations go to Lorena & Brad who tied the knot this past May 6, 2012 in Soliman Bay at Las Ranitas Hotel! I had so much fun working with Lorena on her design - we did a full design first and then made recommendations as to what she could do on her own and what we could send to her to complete her look - I cannot wait to see the final pictures! I can't believe we were just down the road at Taryn & Matt's wedding in the very same bay! DESIGN BOARD Old Mexico meets Spanish Morrocco - what could be more vibrant and romantic than that combination?! INVITATIONS I w
  12. Coordinator: Maria Tripaldi Staff Photographer: Sokos Villa: Villa Yardena, Soliman Bay, Riviera Maya Villa We Stayed At: Sol de La Playa Villa Agents: Vacation Playa Airline: Interjet You know how you have this defining moments in your life when something happens and you're like "wa-la"?! Well, thanks to Taryn & Matt, their wedding design and creation was PRECISELY that to me and my crew as we trekked out to Cancun to make Taryn & Matt's dream wedding a reality! I learned SOOO much on this trip (Soliman Bay is WINDIER than Chicago, oh yes it is!) and had a fant
  13. Crystal, Hello . I'm afraid I don't know any caterers who would be willing to do a dinner for $42.00 usd a head (actually buffet is more expensive than sit-down as more food is involved . You might try a place called "Karen's Place" in Bucerias - it's a little restaurant on the beach - I don't know what her pricing is, but a restaurant might be more willing to work with you on a limited budget. If you can raise your budget somewhat, you might also try DeSantos - again you would need to have the wedding at the restaurant in order to keep the costs low, but it's a beautiful space. I doubt you
  14. Wow. Where do I begin? When you work with a bride and groom for over a year planning their wedding, it's always hard to say "farewell" and to close a chapter of your life that was so important! We were truly honored to be a part of their big day and I will miss Tracy's great ideas and input and CJ's quiet and positive "you go girls" from the sidelines. This event would not have been possible without the help of these amazing vendors... Place: Don Pedro's Palapa Caterer: Don Pedro's Restaurant, Sayulita Co-Coordination & Transportation Experts Extraordinaire: Kerry & Enrique fro
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