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  1. Hello all, I got married at the Gran Caribe Real on November 18, 2011 and it was amazing! I will post a review for everyone in the review section soon but just wanted to let everyone know it was great!
  2. Hi!! Just wondering if you had programs and what songs you picked out for everything? Thanks for your input!
  3. I am having my wedding 11-18-11 and I was also never told that there was damage either and mine is planned for the terrace. I think I am on the Rooftop Terrace...which is Albatross. I'll have to double check! I wish we would have known we'd be there the same time so we could have planned with each other!
  4. Hello all! My FI is taking care of the church paperwork since he is Catholic and I am not. His priest sent all of the paperwork to the church directly but said he would make copies. Is this the wrong way to do it? Did you guys also get married at the court house before you went or how did that go?
  5. Hi SSantos...you mentioned that the waiters brought out balloons for your reception? I was just told by my WC Claudy that balloons are not allowed as decorations. I wanted to decorate the terrace with perfectly round balloons. That seems very odd. Thanks for your input!
  6. We are also not adding the legal ceremony and just getting married in the states beforehand. Emily - what food choices did you taste? Very interested in knowing what you're choosing for your menu!
  7. Thanks for your input. It started working in the afternoon, the servers must have been bogged down!
  8. I so wish I could do this. My resort (GCR) stated that it would be an additional $300 fee to release these. I was thinking that we could avoid the fee and do it on the beach, not on resort grounds. Thoughts?
  9. Hi Daphne! Thanks for the review. What menu choices did you have? I am thinking of doing the shrimp with jambalaya and then trying to choose a beef dish. We were wanting filet but I'm only finding beef tournedos. Did you have a beef dish? If so, what sauce did you have? Also, what kind of cake did you have? Were you also charged the $350 vendor fee for the DJ?
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