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  1. Bride2B22, I loved your pics, thanx for sharing. Im glad to see that everthing went on with out a hitch! I bet you close your eyes and just relive that moment time and time again. Trust me no matter how many days pass by that feeling will remain. Its been almost 7 moths for me and I still get butterfilies in my stomach and when I see my wedding pics.
  2. Nadennec, to tell you the truth they never asked for any thing as far as legal documentation. They never asked to see our marriage license either. What they want to see is just your letter from the church stating that you have taken the premarital classes and that you have permission to marry along with all your other proof of all your catholic sacrament certificates. You must know that your catholic ceremony is not legaly binding so its not recognized by the Mexican or US goverment because its only a religious ceremony.So you must either get your marriage license and get legally married
  3. If you read the first post of this thread it will answer all thoes questions =0). Best wishes!!!
  4. Cant wait to see more wedding pics of other ladies getting married at at the Gran Caribe Real Catholic Chapel!!
  5. I have my used Adorae for sale its white size 10. Great condition, it has been dry cleaned and carefully packed in a preserved box. I’m 5'5 and I wore 4 inch heels with it. It can be shortened or left as is if your a tall bride. My dress does not have a bustle. I carried the train by having ring ring hook on my hand. If you want to be hands free I suggesting getting a bustle to your own taste. I’m moving out of the country and I’m very limited on what I can take with me. So If your interested contact me ASAP as I will be leaving soon. 875 for the dress. I also
  6. I got 20 left they are $1.50 per set. Who ever is interested in the last 20 PM . shipping will go out in a flat rate shipping box of 10.95. the box is great because your shipping will not go by weight, "if it fits it ships" they are awesome USPS boxes. Add 70 cents extra if you want a tracker. I will be willing to split the 20 if two ladies take 10 each.
  7. Im glad you liked them! Best wishes on your up coming wedding!
  8. If I can find two ladies that will be willing to take 10 each I will be willling to split the last 20 remaining =0) Cheers!
  9. You dont have to pay for the wedding coordinator, the coordinator par tof the deal as they work for the resort directly. If you only want specific things maybe you can request a quote for only the services that you want. Lastly yes you do have to pay for the wedding decorations.
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