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  1. I was in London for it and it was such a lovely atmosphere! I think everything looked beautiful and she looked lovely.
  2. Thank you so much! I found the photographer on here. The company is called Digital Memories. You just have to pay the vendor fee for them to come into the hotel. Which is $100 each.
  3. You look stunning and it looked like the most perfect day. Congratulations x
  4. There are definitely vegetarian options, if you cannot see it on the menu you have chosen just ask. I can't remember what it was for Calabash but we were vegetarians who eat fish so we just went with the fish option. On our cocktail menu we changed all the red meet dishes for vegetarian ones.
  5. Hi Chanelle I thought Calabash was perfect. The decor is very elegant and perfect for a wedding reception. Out of all the restaurants I though it looked the best. The food is wonderful, 5 course small portions but perfectly presented. We had lamb, snapper and steak, if your guests do not eat fish I am sure there is another option but we were mainly vegetarian who eat fish so was not a problem. I asked everyone their menu choices 6 weeks before and let Nicole know. We did not have the option to play our own music as we did not hire out the restaurant, however they played their own music which was fine and everyone was just chatting anyway. Speeches were fine no problem at all music was only background music so everyone could hear and there was no need to shout. We had 35 guest in a U shape table at one side of the restaurant and did not feel like there was anyone else there. (there was a couple and a table of 4) Unless you have 100+ guests I would definitely choose Calabash, however Aunt Ruby's does have a beach feel. I personally don't like to be sitting outside at night for long periods of time due to mosquito's but I didn't notice any this year. Not on bite! You also have the opportunity to do a lot more decoration ideas with Aunt Ruby's and I think it needs it as it is quite everyday looking for a wedding. But once its decorated up looks fab. For me I just did very simple table layout and wanted it quite classic I also didn't want to bring loads with me. Camilla
  6. Calabash portions are very small and very pretty but there is 5 courses, so you definitely are full after. I got some Jimmy Choo heels for the reception and forgot to wear them! Can you imagine! at the disco later my MOH said to me where are your shoes??? I ran up and got them and wore them for about 2 songs then went back to room lol
  7. Thank you ladies I had a wonderful day and the sleepless nights were well worth it. As soon as I got to Jamaica I was sleeping perfectly. I miss the excitement now! x
  8. hey ladies, just to let you know I actually went for plain! After all that lol. I did french on toes american on fingers.
  9. Hi Starrysim, I didn't even think about it like that but I guess we did. My guest were just ordering as they normally would at the restaurant on any other day. We had the reception at Calabash restaurant. We did not hire it out so the were two other tables of 2 or 4 people so I guess they just treated it like it was not a wedding. Which makes sense to me! obviously this cannot be guaranteed if they have their policy but it was ok for us. I don't think my guest would have even understood if the waiter had said no you may not have that. They came around with wine, then people would say actually can i get.... or just accept the wine. Maybe its different if you hire out the restaurant. I think the closest bar would have been the lobby bar up the stairs, not far but not so close to pop out and get drinks. Islandgirl, married life is fab! love it, I want a wedding every year now! that was actually our 2nd we got married first in December 09 in a church and this was the beach one I had always dreamed of, it felt like the main one as all the family was present.
  10. If you can change it I'm sure its not too late and the Grand is so perfect for a honeymoon. We are hooked! we are going to go back in December for our Anniversary. If not Rose Hall Grand we will do the Grand in Mexico. The hotel is perfect. You couldn't ask for anything better
  11. Hey Marlena You can just go to one of the bars and all stay together without paying for the cocktail hour. Looking back it would work out perfectly. While we were taking photos in the lobby and waiting for the rain to stop everyone was at the lobby bar and it was a great atmosphere we look over a couple of tables. Then you just get the WC and your MOH to round up the troops when it is time to move on. If you don't mind it not being 100% private and you do not want food then go for it
  12. Hey T, At the reception, wine and soft drinks are served. But to be honest I think they will serve any drink you order as we were having kir Royale, Shirley Temples, Rum and coke etc. My guest were just ordering what they usually drink and it was no problem at all. But I think the official status is wine and soft drinks Cam x
  13. I didn't start planning until 2 half months before, its plenty of time. Happy planning! x
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