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  1. It would be kinda cool to share their wedding day. 150 posts!!!! yeah me!
  2. Congrats on the 150 posts. I'm almost through all my Great idea, Thanks for Sharing!!!
  3. Wwent to a wedding this summer and I've already had FI swear he wouldn't do this. The groom gave a speech and did not say one word about his bride, didn't even look over at her the whole time during the speech. FI knows he must tell me how beautiful I am in front of everyone!! LOL Great stories here ladies... thanks
  4. I work for an automotive company (the one that didn't take the bailout $$) lol. I also help my FI run his personal training company.
  5. That's amazing...wonderful job, you should be proud. Love all the light (3 windows!!)
  6. Would also love to see wedding pics. The resort looks gorgeous (and $$) We may honeymoon a few nights here.
  7. Oooh thanks for the info ladies. I may be switching our wedding from Ocho Rios to MoBay and will be researching MoBay resorts. I'm thinking it will be out of our price range (and our guests) but we'll see. Our wedding will be offsite but will still look at the resort
  8. Sorry, me again. Meant to suggest you should post this in the General Wedding Planning Info - there's a whole section for Invites, STD's etc. A lot more brides would see your post there.
  9. Congrats Jamaica bride! I'm also getting married there, IRHS is on my short list of hotels.
  10. Fushcia and light blue/aqua bride here..trying to post an inspiration pic but doesn't seem to be working.
  11. Butterfly I love your blue and white inspire board... I'm Inspired!! Thanks
  12. I love the light blue with the starfish chandelier, so beachy, casual but elegant. Light blue/aqua is one of my colors...thanks for posting!
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