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  1. I hear great things about Jose for a DJ. I will try to help you with Hair & Makeup if you want a local stylist. Where are you staying?
  2. If you want the minis you should get them from the States. If you want to buy it there, just ask a taxi driver to take you to the liquor store when you get there. I'm pretty sure the smallest they sell is a half pint. Also Bacardi is Puerto Rican - If you want a Bahamian Rum - they have Ron Ricardo, John Watling's, and Old Nassau I don't know about the cakes but I see them for sale at the straw market, downtown shops and the airport
  3. If I had to do it again i would just pay for the postage required and use stickers to get the vintage stamp look. Sadly it was a detail no one appreciated because they don't look at wedding blogs! I traveled to every dollar tree around me. That's why they're three different versions. I only sent the banks to close friends and family and people who I assumed would make the trip. But everyone received the envelope package with the passport
  4. You did a beautiful job! I feel they have your style and the personality of your wedding captured very well!
  5. Wow your bags are amazing! You got such great deals! I'm curious what's in the purple organza bag
  6. Check this wedding out..it's coral and gray http://www.stylemepretty.com/california-weddings/2011/03/28/napa-valley-wedding-at-beaulieu-garden/
  7. I like two better and what's important is it's what you can afford..you can always use a pink ribbon if you desire more pink
  8. I'd love coral gray and yellow..You should google that, tons of great things come up! I'm doing coral, peach, and blush pink for an ombre effect
  9. You're doing great! They would be cute in a little organza bag with a tag.
  10. I haven't but I bet puffy paint would work great. I planned on putting a big ribbon on some for the ladies
  11. Do you remember what seller or what you typed to find it? I need that dress?
  12. Your wedding looked amazing! You're so sweet for the shout out, I searched for months to find them so cheap!! I really love your bridal party gifts, oot bags and easy purchases! I'm so happy you've had your special day and you looked beautiful! Congratulations!
  13. I actually want to keep blogging because of your comment. The fact that you care so much is the reason I started blogging! I broke my camera by dropping it, so my posts are on hold right now but I'm going to work this weekend to get caught up and start back again! Thanks for reading and commenting! Please don't be sleepy at work on my account..the posts are not going anywhere
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