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  1. You don't need to bring chair covers. They use white covers during both unless you request otherwise. I am pretty sure this is their standard.
  2. By no means was a I trying to right a negative review. I was simply trying to give my fair and balanced opinion of everything related to accommodations for our wedding. Reviews aside either positive or negative, the nature of your response seems aggressive and somewhat harsh. While I still do not feel there were any glaring problems with our trip, there were questionable items which occurred. While there was no blame being necessarily pointed. My husband booked our room with Teresa and had no problems at all, he stated numerous times that he had no issues. He booked the room we wanted
  3. WOW! I am actually sitting here shocked, calling me out as a liar. Why would I make any of this up. I too have the emails. I emailed her March 2nd. "Hi Teresa, I wanted to touch base with you since it has been months since I have received any correspondence from your office in regards to our trip. Is there any way you can provide me with a list of all of our guests who have booked their trip? I would like to also confirm their arrival and departure dates so if you can send me that information I would appreciate it. Also, please let me know if there are any outstanding issues with our reser
  4. There are tons of threads on this topic... We got legally married the day after we came back from Mexico. We took our marriage license and went to a local judge, he said a few words & we were married. Super fast. It was just him & I. No one else and it was perfect. We both wore jeans! We didnt want to do a big or small thing because we will never celebrate that day. Our weddinganniversary is Mexico. After we left the courthouse we went to lunch like a normal day. My plan all along was to get married before we left for Mexico but it was actually hard to do! Trying to track down a d
  5. I would tell her the prices so she can match or use someone else. I also used Teresa & was not impressed and felt like once they got our depositsbookings they didn't care. I did not hear from them from when we signed until the month before when I asked for an update to who was booked. (about 6 months) I thought that was also a little ridiculous. With the amount of money spent you could at least send an email with a hey here is who booked so far or the booking deadline is coming...anything. I had questioned the lack of communication to Teresa & her response was they dont do that..
  6. I agree the tutu is adorable!
  7. Aw thanks so much! Your too sweet. I think your photos are amazing too. You look stunning in every shot!
  8. Me in my Badgley Mischka shoes!! Got so many compliments on them!
  9. Show off your shoes....
  10. I had gerber daisies! They are a simple, bright & fun flower. I was going for the tropical look and thought they would work perfectly. My girls had the same bouquet but it was smaller than mine. It had hot pink, orange and yellow in it. Sorry, this is the only picture I have at work with the flowers! lol
  11. Post your bouquet and inspiration pics here
  12. We used MTM and got married at EPM on May 3rd. We actually just received all our photos yesterday, 575 of them! He posted some of ours on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150898793854487.430757.18683524486&type=3 and I posted some on mine. If you want to see just request me. They did some really awesome reflection shots that I LOVE too!! Definitely creative & it shows in every shot!
  13. Congrats! We did a room block of 20 rooms and had over 6 months to add or remove rooms in our group at no cost. We had to add a few rooms on towards the end but the TA just did it on her own. We chose the room block because the rate is much cheaper than we could find anywhere and if the resorts rates went cheaper then what we paid our rates would drop but only if you were in the group rate. I think it was definitely worth it and like danak71 said if there is extra money you get the refund or it pays your part.
  14. This is my favorite thread and I am finally posting my own!! Here are a few pics that make me smile when I look at them! I had to stop at 5...it would have been an album! We are all on the beach with our guests circling us - laughing! Trying to jump on his back! I made it! Our photographers had us laughing trying to be romantic! Singing into the maracas!
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