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  1. Thanks Tova! I was worth everything, the wait and every single penny. I can't wait to see the rest, there's about 1500 edited images that ill be getting on a disc so I'm so excited to pick that up on Friday! Thank you! My photographer is from my city, Winnipeg. She was one of the many many photographers at our annual wedding show and I just loved her work so we flew her down to Jamaica with us. Definitely the best decision we made. Aw thanks so much doll! Thanks Katy! I can't wait to see yours! Only I'm a little scared cause you're model gorgeous lol and I'm already jealous of how beau
  2. Ahhhhhh ladies my photographer just put up the blog!!!!! I'm so excited.. I get the rest of the pics on Friday so my planning thread is coming soon but check out the blog if you wish! Luckygirl.ca
  3. Hey Katy!!! Love your pics but I already saw them on Instagram of course. I can't wait to get mine back as well. I love Mairen (we didn't have Rachel but we did have robin, mairens brother and he was awesome) she was well worth the money and her dedication was amazing!!!! I feel we got more than we deserved lol of course the full day wedding coverage, she shot an excursion for us and the. We did a second day shoot which was in plain clothes in the morning like an e session and spent the afternoon and evening back in wedding attire driving around Jamaica it was insane! 9000 shots were take I be
  4. I got mine from justartifacts.com they were on sale at the time so I think I paid about $46 for 18 with shipping to canada
  5. Everything went soooooo good. Wish I knew you came to negril and went to ricks, we were right down the street but we hung out there Tuesday. On Sunday we went to YS falls which was pretty cool we got to do the rope swing right into the falls. On Monday we did a photoshoot travelling all over but ended up in some awesome ruins right by the chukka tours place just outside of lucea I think it is. We also hit up a club, the jungle, a couple times and it was awesome.
  6. Congrats Court!!!!!!!! You look amazing!!! How did your trip go? Did you get that heavy downpour on Friday where you were? Did you do any excursions?
  7. Thanks ladies!!!! I didn't really take out my camera on the trip so I'm completely waiting on our photographers pics but here's a sneak peak of one photo
  8. Yay ladies!!!!! Congrats to everyone who leaves soon! I just got back last night and it was the trip of a lifetime! Had so much fun and we had the best crew and everyone got along famously and exchanged info at the end to keep in touch. The week was fabulous. The day was perfect.
  9. Hey ladies!!!!!!! So I am in Jamaica and today I get married!!!!!!! I know I shouldn't be on here lol but I kicked Jon out last night to go sleep in the room with his best Manson I'm just relaxing right now until we get things started. It's absolutely beautiful here and I'm so excited. And just to let everyone know yes things will go wrong they already have for me but they also will work out one way or another. If you would believe it our best man had just one job to do, show up with his suit, well he showed up, but left his suit at home!!!!!!!!! With absolutely no other dress clothes just car
  10. Thanks Ladies!!!! I really wanted to do a planning thread before I left but just haven't had any time and now alot of my DIY is already packed and alot that I haven't even posted on any thread like my flower girl basket and ring bearer pillow (which isn't a pillow) so excited. Hopefully I can get good pictures of everything to post my after the fact planning thread.
  11. Lol I leave Wednesday morning and still have not finished the music or ceremony. You still have time
  12. I am also planning on one for 1st anniversary. After all it is the paper anniversary right?
  13. I have nothing borrowed and nothing old.... i leave in a week. I also dont have a bracelet (was supposed to be my borrowed but it didnt work out). freaking out
  14. I have 5 rectangular tables. I'm doing the 11'' borby lantern from ikea ($10) with a pillar candle and on either side I'm doing a small silver pail with an assortment of garden roses and other flowers. The pails are also from ikea and were $1 each. The florist for my resort is providing the flowers at $25 a pail or $50 a table. My resort provides burlap runners at no charge. And I'm still debating adding some votives
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