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  1. I am also having last minute people bail out. Don't they know we have enough stress!! My FI's best man is telling him he isn't sure if he will make it- We are about out of time here. We need to know what's up! We finally got our rings, and I have tried on my dress for the 1st time. So exciting! I am working on gifts.. I picked up handkerchiefs for FMIL (she is a crier), my grandmother, and my dad from Etsy that I have special messages on. Do I pass these out at rehearsal or day of? I am thinking day of... For the girls I ordered the personalized hangers, and I would like to find foot jewelery... any ideas? My grandmother gave me a pearl necklace that my grandfather gave to her. So special, something borrowed will be a matching pearl bracelet... Something blue I grabbed this garter https://www.etsy.com/transaction/124553115 For treats for my guests when they arrive..... emergen-c, altoids minis, sanitizer wipes, shout wipes, motrin I have some cute glass jars that are small... not sure what to do with them. And, small organza bags that were 50 for $5 at Michaels on clearance! I still need to make hair appointments, I would like to find personalized cups, I need to figure out what to do for bags. I think we will have 35-40 people and I am running out of $$! Any bargain bags that I can personalize? I need to figure out if I want runners, and what to do for candles! Lastly, I need mini tequila bottles ( I will attach name and table name), picture frames for tables.... Ahhhhh... someone do this for me And, I need to go fake tanning I think. Its hard to believe I started this thread so long ago! I am glad we are such a great support team, and have helped each other out! Only about 1 month to GO....
  2. Ahh... i am with you so I feel better I don't know how many things to purchase, and i don't want to much left over- but i don't want ot buy stuff and have to go buy more!
  3. Ladies!! I can't believe we are a little over 100 days out! things are been super hectic, as I am still trying to get out invites. I am ok with it because we did STD's and have 30+ people booked What are you ladies working on? I still need OOT stuff, but pushing it back to figure out how much to spend. Have you picked out your rings? Table decorations and chair sash stuff? I am not a girly girl or very arty fartsy! One of my FI groomsman just told him he might not be able to go.... a little late buddy! Wedding planning is kicking my butt right now... Still having a hard time deciding what to ship and what to bring!
  4. You pictures look amazing!! I too am worried about the extra cost of food and set up! What are you ladies doing for lightening? And, what are you doing for table decorations?! I am going back and forth and I am worried about what to bring/what just to pay for?!! Please advice! I was thinking about tiki torches, but its almost $150 to rent 4 (rip off, I could buy 20) What are the ball shaped lights called vs the bags with candles. We are getting married on the beach and having a poolside party. We have hired DJ Doremixx, so I am glad to hear he has lights. I am also concerned with the food- my husband to be is a chef and I work at a restaurant so that stuff is VERY important to us. We might be stuck doing a buffet if we hit 50+ which we are borderline. Thank you ladies that have been to the resort helping us future brides out! Please help me with some advice on decorations and setting up! What it elegant simple and beautiful?
  5. I need HELP!!! i need to know where to start with my passport invites, and get them out ASAP! I am in panic mode..... Who knows how to do these?
  6. What did you ladies do for candles? How much do they charge? I am trying to decide if i should just pay or bring them myself?!
  7. Congrats Teegan! Please give a review and heads up for what we can relax about and what we need to watch out for!! And.... Lets see some pix!
  8. Thanks for all the sweet comments on our photos ladies! I love your pix Mel, especially the train and the blanket!
  9. We just got our engagement photos back and they turned out awesome! I am starting to put together passport invites, and around Christmas I will use the engagement pix to remind people to rsvp! I think that was Miss Bubbles suggestion I will share some of my favorites
  10. i feel like I am falling behind again! I love the passport, and was debating not doing it but I think you motivated me to get on that! How did you bind them all together? Can you send me a link to the $15 download? Where did you get the paper? My FI grandpa just passed He was one of the only people who booked his trip. Its been a rough last week for us. My sister is pregnant and going CRAZY! I feel like I don't even wait her to be my MOH. Arggg... Next on my list is getting Bridesmaid dresses, invites and buying tickets. I don't know where to find BM dresses. I would like to avoid David's bridal if I can. I was thinking maybe looking at etsy. We are thinking of going to Belize for a few days after we get married. But, I found out we would have to fly back to the US and then back out to Belize. Weird. Not sure if its worth it. I hope I am not on too much of a rant, but you ladies seem to always understand! Less than 200 days~
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