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  1. Did you use Wedding Belles? I just sent them a payment and they are telling me I didnt pay enough even though I did......
  2. Try weddingbelles Jamaica I am ordering items from there and I know they have coffee. I didnt see sparklers in the catalogue but if you ask them they can source other items
  3. Looked beautiful! I was wondering, which air line did you take? Im flying from Canada AirTransat and am wondering if I can take over sky lanterns?
  4. Just went to order the wish lanters, but Justartifacts doesnt have any available.... my wedding is in just over a month.....anyone order them from a different website?? Thank you :)
  5. I am looking to buy good eco wish lanterns, I live in Canada not sure which website.......please help :)
  6. Im getting married this July and have a couple questions.... Is Uncle Tonys way too hot for a reception in July? When is a good time to cut the cake other then after dinner? Does the spa apply fake lashes? And Im trying to get rum cream and jerk spice delivered in Jamaica, anyone have a contact? Thank you!!!!
  7. Has anyone ordered jerk spice and rum in Jamaica to be delivered to the resort? I was thinking of doing this for favours? Also how many Ske Lanterns?! One per person or one per couple?? Thanks!
  8. Quote:Originally Posted by mrsmannings2b I am doing my own makeup. However, as far as eyelashes I will be doing individual eyelash extensions right before I head to Jamaica. I would said get some nice Mac eyelashes and use the glue called DUO they sell it at Walgreens. Buy the black one. I have several makeup artist friend that always recommend it.  Good luck. Oh perfect, thanks!!
  9. Is anyone doing their own makeup? I have decided to and wondering about false eyelashes? Which are the best brand to use, and do they stay on in the heat? Im getting married in July. Thanks
  10. Sounds great!! What tour companies did you go through for these excursions?
  11. Didn't anyone bringing double sided tape for the chair sashes? I see in some ppls photos by dinner they are falling off the chairs
  12. Oh no really?!? I thought we could and pay a vendor fee.....I put down a deposit for Brian Nejedly. I didn't really ask the WC just assumed its okay with a vendor fee...
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