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  1. Oh perfect! Ya I ended up finding out from out WC that we can have the florist drop them off and they will set them up!! Thank you though
  2. Hey Jaclyn, If you google Iberostar Rose Hall Beach maps and click images, I found a good one on there,
  3. Hi Shauna, Could you possibly send me an email with these links? I can't open them on here. DAILY PROGRAM 2011.pdf NIGHTLY PROGRAM.pdf
  4. Hi Ladies., I am just catching up on here so forgive me if this has already been brought to everyones atttention but I wanted to go with FLora Fantasties as well and the resort will not allow any outside florists to come into the resort. I contacted them about the vendor fee and they informed me of this
  5. Are the numbers still available? If so how much would shipping be to Pickering, ON L1V7J9
  6. I have taken a lot of inspiration from your bags....Thanks so much
  7. Hey Court, Floral fantasies gave me a few quotes today that I am quite happy with. My Bouquet - blue dendrobium orchids, green cymbidium orchards and peacock feathers- $130 (vs $190 at Tai) Bridesmaids- one single cala lily and a peacock feather- $15 (vs $30 at TF) Corsages- Blue dendrobium orchards (wrist corsage)- $20 ( $45 TF) BLUE DENDROBIUM ORCHID BOUTONNIERE- $5 (vs $25 TF) So basically, other than my bouquet everything else was HALF the cost of Tai Flora. It comes out to be $332 vs $540. Now that $332 includes the travel cost which is only $30 and then of course I would have to pay the vendor fee so I guess $432. Either way, we still save $120 that we could use towards something else.
  8. I also contacted Floral Fantasy and they are MUCH more reasonable than Tai Flora. I was quoted $190 for my bouquet at Tai Flora and Floral Fantasy says they can do it for $130. Also, same price on boutinneires as you got and significantly cheaper for Bridemaids bouquets and mothers corsages. Even with the travel to the resort (which is only $30) it's still way cheaper.
  9. Any further news on when this will be and hotels included??
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