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  1. Omg, ladies! I can't believe I'm just now getting back on this site! Took me a while to go through the 20+ pages posted in my absence, but I loved reading all of it! CONGRATULATIONS to all the May brides! I hope all weddings went off without too many problems! We had our share, which I'll update about when I find time to write my planning thread, but the wedding was mostly great and resulted in a pair of very happy newlyweds, so all ended well! I promised myself I wouldn't be one of those brides who disappears from the site after getting married, but it's been a whirlwind si
  2. I'm so sorry this happened to you! Something similar happened to me, but thankfully, it was a few months ahead, enough time to find a new venue and work things out. It was super stressful, so I can't imagine how it would be for someone unable to switch venues! A week before the wedding, no less! I would've been a mess!
  3. Lovely! I like how there is a sunny glow to all the pictures!
  4. Beautiful pictures! I can't believe your coordinator did most of the decor with only a little inspiration from you - it's fantastic!
  5. Wow! You got some amazing shots! Especially love the ones of you guys crossing over that long bridge! Congratulations!
  6. Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone! I've been extremely busy since the wedding, so quite slow to respond, but I'm thankful for each & every comment! Reminds me the hard work was worth it!
  7. Yes, but it's a psd file, so you'll need to use photoshop to work with it. I'll PM it to you since you don't have enough posts to see it here (hope you can see it through PM; not sure how that works).
  8. No time to look through the recent posts, as we are about to leave (woo-hoo!), but congratulations to those who are already married! Can't wait to have some time to look through your posts and see how your weddings went! My wedding is Saturday, and I know several other brides here share my date, so I'll be thinking of you! All the good wishes in the world to the brides getting married this weekend! I'm so excited I could literally cry! 3 days till I'm married! Aaaaaahhhhhh!
  9. Thanks! I think those programs are far easier to work with, but I went with what I knew and made life harder on myself in an attempt to make it easier. It worked out for me, but it taught me I really need to learn some basic programs like Word and Publisher!
  10. Invited - 40 Attending - 15 There were a few people we invited knowing from the start that they could not come, but the 40 people on our list were the people we wanted there. Most who aren't able to make it are the boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses of friends, so not quite the shunning it sounds like. We're actually very pleased with the crowd we're going to have, and I think only a few people will be seriously missed. We did not invite any family members (drama, leaving it at home!), so I feel quite proud that we have 15 amazing friends excited to take the trip with us. Not everyone
  11. I paid for 1 bridesmaid's dress b/c she's struggling to come up with money for her plane ticket, but I did not broadcast that to the others. The dress was really inexpensive (under $30), so I don't think anyone would be upset that I gave her such a small amount of money, but some bridesmaids spent over $100 on their dresses (everyone has a different dress), so I think it's best not to discuss it. Everyone else was able to afford a dress, so I saw no reason to assist. We are paying for their lodging, as well as the usual hair & make-up, bridesmaids gifts, etc. I know we're being quit
  12. Holy crap! If I had to move after the wedding, I would be going absolutely crazy! Wow! Time to start bribing friends to help with all the packing! Your dress fittings should go fine if you start them asap. There were several mishaps with my dress, and it's currently in the mail on its way to me after being repaired. (I bought a floor sample of a discontinued style from a shop in another state, and it was not exactly in perfect condition when I received it.) I am pretty sure it won't need any alterations (fingers crossed!), but I'll feel a lot better when I have my dress in hand!
  13. Yikes! I'm so happy for my best friend, but I'm glad my own wedding is coming first, considering how close the weddings are to one another. I'm thrilled to help her with wedding planning, but I would not want all the big tasks like her bachelorette night to be my focus right now. Kudos to you for managing that (and your sister's baby shower, wow)!
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