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    Are There Any Nassau Bahamas Brides?

    we decided on ocean edge at Atlantis but unless we have our ceremony there too we cant have the reception there so irritated! Thank you
  2. Bacardi rum cakes how long do they last in the tin a week a few days? where can i get mini bottles of Bacardi rum for oot bags
  3. red400

    Are There Any Nassau Bahamas Brides?

    Great, so far the planning is going good.
  4. Thank you, yes Ann Marie is great
  5. red400

    Dollar Rama Bags

    i know and i have done a extensive search.
  6. This is what we are doing. Our hotel charges to deliver to the rooms!
  7. red400

    Dollar Rama Bags

    Im in Chicago. I will check these stores thanks!
  8. I have not heard of them but we are having a video.
  9. only 3 two bride maids and my daughter.
  10. we saved and cutback and refunds help a lot.