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  1. They could walk, but I wouldn't recommend it, it's pretty far from the Presidential location to any of the bars, except for the Disco, which won't be open. We paid extra to have the lounge furniture set up so our guests would have a place to sit. We probably spent about an hour doing pictures and my guests enjoyed the appetizers and champagne and just mingled.
  2. Not really OOT bag items, but Haute Look has some great décor on sale right now and they ship to Canada, with a flat rate shipping fee. I've ordered from them a few times and have always had great luck. This a member's only site so anyone who wants an invite can use this link http://www.hautelook.com/invite/JThompson3115
  3. I also used the DJ provided by the resort, I was scared as many other past brides have said they were horrible. I guess I got lucky b/c the guy we had was great, he played a nice mix of music some really current stuff as well as some great oldies.
  4. Yes it is. Feel free to send me your address & I can get a quote for shipping.
  5. You could do what I did, go to your local dollar store and buy sleeves of trading card protectors, bring them home and use a hole punch to put a hole in them and then use the luggage straps to slip thru. I'm also from Canada so I feel your pain! I purchased clear luggage straps from Ebay I think I got 100 for about $6 and the trading card sleeves (hard, rigid plastic) were 10 for $1. I just used Word and made my own custom tags to put inside the sleeve.
  6. The bridesmaid dress was on clearance for $49 at a wedding show, I belive it was an Alfred Sung dress.
  7. HP Deskjet All in One F4280, the only thing I had problem with was the ink smudging on the pearlized paper, had to let everything sit for a long time to dry completely.
  8. Did you change the printer settings to cardstock? I had the same problem until I played around with the settings. I have an HP printer and mine kept jamming until I found a setting that worked.
  9. I have an odd request for any upcoming brides who are going to the Grand Sirenis in the next few weeks. Can someone please take some pictures of the wedding coordinators office? When I was married there last year they asked if they could bring in an outside photographer to take some pictures to use for marketing purposes and I'm curious to know if they used any from my wedding.
  10. I had 9 people for the airport transfer as my documents stated 10 people were included, when the van pulled up it only had seating for 8 so they had to call for another, not a big deal the other van arrived in only a couple of minutes. They may have changed it from 10 to 8 so they would only need to use 1 van rather than 2.
  11. I had the presidential package, but did not get the presidential suite (my own fault, I only upgraded about 2 to 3 months before the wedding). We were given a room in bldg. 19, right on the beach. I had stayed at the resort before so I knew what a reg. room was like and our room in bldg 19 was much nicer. Our balcony overlooked the beach, we had a nice little sitting area, 2 flat screen tvs, computer with internet (great for checking for updates from our photographer), a nicer bathroom and the furnishings were updated. I saw pics of the presidential suite on here and yes it is nicer than t
  12. The tables that were used at the palapa for my reception were round and could fit 6 to 8 people, 9 if I really wanted to squish them in.
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