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  1. We didn't even have the option of blocking off rooms. We had about 40 people, and rooms were located all over the place. We had asked for everyone to be on the same floor, but no luck.
  2. Our photos from our wedding at Dreams PA is finally up on the website! Thought I would come back and share. http://jhankarlophotography.com/2014/06/21/adam-jasmine-wedding-dreams-puerto-aventuras-riviera-maya/
  3. I'm glad the review helped Your photos will be amazing. Jhankarlo also provided us with a new link with a whole bunch more of our photos! Sweet! http://jhankarlophotography.com/2014/06/21/adam-jasmine-wedding-dreams-puerto-aventuras-riviera-maya/
  4. I just posted a full review for Jhankarlo, complete with photos http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/76492-full-review-of-jhankarlo-photography/
  5. My husband is a big photo buff, so I weeded down all of the photographers on this amazing forum down to three for him to make the final decision. Thanks to all the previous brides for their reviews, because it led us to our amazing photographer Jhankarlo! My husband loved his work, and in reviewing his website absolutely fell in love with his style and amazing eye for lighting, unique shots, and attention to detail. Here is his website and sample photographs that just reinforced to us that he will be able to make us look amazing! Haha.http://jhankarlophotography.com/ We emailed Jhankarlo several times before the wedding day and he was always really good with returning our emails and answering our questions. His packages were also quite flexible (we took the 7 hour package and added 2 more hours on it), and reasonably priced (he comes with his assistant), we also added a trash the dress shoot with him as well. What he actually delivered on the wedding day: Since we were not able to meet Jhankarlo before hand, I really did not know what to expect. Diana (his assistant) arrived in the middle of my bridal party chaos, as we were running late (like really really late), the girls were not ready, and we had scheduled in a bridal party shoot which we ultimately could not get. My bad on the timing bit. But through the chaos, Diana was able to capture some amazing shots of us getting ready, grabbed all of my ‘need to photograph’ items and did an amazing job of calming me down so that we could make the most of our time. Jhankarlo and Diana was also able to coordinate between themselves to organize our ‘First Look’ shoot while splitting themselves between myself and my groom for the getting ready shots. Quite honestly, we were running late so after that, I was so busy with being prepared and lined up for the ceremony that I didn’t even notice them. Thinking back now, both my husband and I am just amazed at how they managed to blend in while taking amazing pictures from some crazy angles and not even be noticed! My husband calls them chameleon photographers J We absolutely trusted in Jhankarlo’s photgraphy’s skills and his eye for detail and did not give him a list of must have photos. I am definitely glad that we did this, we ended up with a wide range of shots, from large group pictures, to sunset photos, candid shots of us enjoying our wedding, dancing, to amazing long range shots that (we had no idea what the set up was for at the time) and now seeing the photos…WOW! For future brides, if Jhankarlo tells you that ‘he has a good idea’, just go with it, follow his instructions and it will turn out amazing. The turnaround time for our photos was about 4 weeks time. Our friends and family have been blown away by how unique and personal our photos were. I cannot recommend Jhankarlo Photography enough. If you want any details let me know.
  6. Highly recommend Jhankarlo Photography, and they are also within your budget. I wrote a full review on them. http://jhankarlophotography.com/
  7. I had a full set of natural touch flowers made, but never brought down the corsages and the bridal bouquet. Asking $20 for them. If you need more I can let you know who the designer is. Also, have the satin chair ties. Bought them for over $1 each. Asking $25 for all of the satin ones. Extra $10 If you want the organza sashes and table runners. -24 burnt orange satin chair sashes -20 fuschia or hot pink satin chair sashes -12 organza coral chair sashes -4 organza coral table runners -8 cloth coral table centerpiece mats
  8. Beautiful Starbox strapless cocktail dress, perfect for your wedding reception or dance (especially for a destination wedding)! Such a fun dress! Very flattering as well. Bought in December 2013 for $300. Only worn once for my wedding reception in Mexico. Size x-small, but fits smaller due to corset lace up back. My measurements are 33-27-36. Asking $100.
  9. I have coral items...sashes and table runners
  10. I'm clearning out all of my wedding stuff! -24 burnt orange satin chair sashes -20 fuschia or hot pink satin chair sashes -around 40 (havne't gone back to count yet) burnt orange satin napkins -12 organza coral chair sashes -4 organza coral table runners -8 cloth coral table centerpiece mats -seashells, new in it's original bags -a bunch of ribbons -$60 for everything...shipping is extra.
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