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  1. Mine is 10 months old and his front 2 just popped up bug I swear he has been teething since 3 months!!! Only thing Ive found to work is cold celery and the highlands teething tablets. We had an amber necklace and it didn't seem to help.
  2. Their preferred vendors are some of the best especially Elizabeth Medina. I've heard great things about Claudia as well I myself was blessed with the opportunity to shoot there last Novemeber. Since we stayed 3 nights the outside vendor fee was waived. Just make sure if you do bring an outside photographer to let the WC know you don't need the resort photog. The resort photog got pretty aggressive for some shots and came from out of no where mid ceremony.
  3. ~Melissa~

    Hawaii - Turtle Bay

    A collections of images from the shores of Turtle Bay in Oahu Hawaii. Lovely resort and lovely beaches along the north side of the island. Gorgeous tropical destination wedding venue.
  4. We did AI but I think it would depend on where you want to go. I think Mexico you can great rates either way. I just prefer not to worry about getting groceries, alcohol etc since in AI it's all provided already Places like Hawaii though I would definitley think it would be more cost efficient to do it yourself plus there isn't any AI that I'm aware of (other than some resorts offer breakfast). Good topic.
  5. Loving this thread. makes me want several wedding rings LOL
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