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  1. Good Luck Leigh!!!!! enjoy your new home, dont let it stress ya out too much!
  2. Could someone please explain to me WHY having children at a wedding is so bad? I really dont understand it, I see A LOT of people saying they went with the "no children" option. For me, I have a 8 month old, and I couldnt imagine not having him there (given this is not most situations).... but I would like to know, whats wrong with kids?! lol, its been confusing me so if someone could please explain!! as for the couples, I really dont think you should invite one and not the other, I would be offended if I was asked to go to a wedding without my FI and expected me to dish out that cash. (espec
  3. Luvmoo, We may have an issue on our hands with our "pharmaceuticals" http://www.jacustoms.gov.jm/home_template.php?page=restricted&group_id=1 Pharmaceuticals are restricted from entering Jamaica (I am assuming unless its like one advil for personal use) without a PHD certificate and a Permit. If we have a few entering bulk then they may not allow us to bring them in (I fear). I am unsure, I may call them and ask, or I may plead ignorance and see if that issue crosses me when I pass through customs. In reguards to your other question, When you click on passangers under the ja
  4. I LOVE your dress! AMAZING, any of those shoes will look GREAT with it!!
  5. Wow, you really have to check this thread every 15 mins or you lose track of what we're talking about ahaha. Tori- LOVE the first pair, depending on your dress though, if you dont have your dress yet (I cant remember?) I would choose the last pair... and about the PM, I am definately NOT sharing templates, if you want it that bad, earn it!!!!
  6. I definately LOVE LOVE LOVE the bridal one!!!! I want it for mine lol. im so jealous as I am no where near as crafty as you, and definately can not make one for myself, so I will probably end up buying one (I have yet to find one that I like other than yours lol). The red one is very nice, I think the feather combination is outstanding on it! Im going to have to agree with the ladies about the turquoise one, not a fan of the centre of it! its nice, but I think if you changed it up with beading or a nice jewel, that it would be that much better!! amazing work!
  7. I too need some "shoe" inspiration, if you see any nice gold ones, let me know lol. Ok, as for the dress. It is online one the SKETCHIEST website ever lol. Its probably not that sketchy, BUT there was a language barrier, it was coming from China.... and the negative comments were all about sizing issues... having said that... I opted for one similar, but not quite it from a website called www.lightinthebox.com. They have really nice dresses, and SUPER cheap. If you buy tonight, you get 55% off shipping! Hence why I bought it. The shoulder strap is a tad different, but my mother in law sa
  8. Oh man, I just caught up to our OOT thread, and its so overwhelming lol.. I NEED to stop looking at it, im at the point where I want to burn my statements and receipts, and I spend WAY more time on those bags than the wedding itself lol. On another note! I BOUGHT ANOTHER DRESS!!! YAY! im wearing it for my reception because as I stated before, I do not want to be hot and sweaty lol. I HATE sweating.. and since I had my boy, it seems like I have lost my ability to cope with the heat. I posted it earlier, but I will post again because I LOVE IT! here is my dress: OK, so I have a pictu
  9. I completely agree with the above! I like seeing the whole package! I like reading, but im also more of a visual person as well, so pictures always make it compelte for me! Especially if your trying to explain something... its also nice to show off all that hard work that went into the planning!!
  10. I REALLY like that welcome dress! I am looking into having my reception dress made right now! I will post pics IF/WHEN it happens lol. Great news, my ring came back, and I guess the third time is a charm.. they finally got it right... custom design has been a pain in the butt, but its EXACTLY what I wanted, so I cant complain!! I am not picking it up until sept, ill try to swing by and get a pic (I was too caught up in excitement to remember)
  11. I did have to match a few people, but not many, for the most part they knew each other! the ones that I did match up I said "hey do you want to room with someone, it would save you a couple hundred bucks" and it went smooth from there lol. I didnt worry too much about personalities, as we wont be spending much time in the rooms!
  12. I am giving one bag per couple, and then one bag for each single... even if they are sharing room, if they came without a partner, I didnt want to make them share... but that was just my way of thinking =) go with your budget! i have 65 people, and 37 bags!!
  13. I am from North Bay, my mom is from Brampton, and my FI mom is from Brighton (Near Trenton) so we are kind of spread out all over if need be lol. I was going to do something like this as my reception dress:
  14. I wish I didnt need 67, or id ask someone if they had extra's OR if they could order some spare if they run into the lucky chance that they are able to get some, I think its all who you talk to, because when I got my guides other brides were having issues getting them! Maybe I will try my email contact that I have.
  15. I just called there, and they said they dont give them out at all... what did you say when talking to them? GAH maybe I should give you my information and get you to talk to them and ship them to my address!! LOL
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