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  1. Gorgeous Satin and Flare Gown from David's Bridal It is originally $700 at David's Bridal but it is on sale for $350 without taxes so I am selling it for $300(plus local shipping if applicable) Size 8, Soft White (same as Ivory) Professionally cleaned No alterations other than an added bustle 3D floral appliques adorn the skirt and bodice for a high-fashion, ultra chic look. Fit and flare skirt shapes a slim and stunning silhouette. Coordinating sash at waist adds an extra touch of femininity. Sweep train.
  2. Satin and Flare Gown- David's Bridal Originally 600$, selling for 300$ as it is available for 350$ on the website. size 8- Soft White- Like Ivory professionally cleaned 3D floral appilques adorn the skirt and bodice for a high-fashion, ultra chic look. Fit and flare skirt shapes a slim and stunning silhouette. Coordintating sash at waist adds an extra touch of femininity. Sweep train.
  3. Beautiful Enzoani ivory wedding dress with satin, organza and lace applique, size 10, fits smaller as I am a street size 8. I bought it as a sample dress so it has been barely worn. I have had the straps shortened and any loose beading fixed. It is a beautiful dress. I would love someone else to get use out of it.
  4. No Problem. I can only return the favor and help out future brides like so many past brides helped me. The larger starfish I got at Michael's...they are real and were actually starfish garland that was attached with rope. I had to use an x-acto knife to take it off. If you can get fake starfish that would be best as the real ones smell....yuck. I did find out after I painted mine from someone one here that if you cook them at low heat in the oven like at 150 or 200 or so, it gets rid of the smell. I was at Pottery Barn yesterday and they have the small and large ones ...fake so that would be another place to look... bit more pricey. I used the Martha Stewart sparkle paint...I am pretty sure I did a base coat in regular acrylic first so I have the right color. I then got the pearlized paint and pained the smaller ones that I used for place cards and table decor. I used the large red and teal ones down the aisle also and they WC cleaned them off for us and placed them on the table for us. The table runner and chair sashes I ordered online on Ebay from a company in China. For three runners and 15 chair sashes it cost me 40$CAD...pretty good!
  5. Sorry BeaBride, I forgot to answer your other questions regarding cocktail hour. We had ours on the beach shortly after our ceremony. It worked out fine as we weren't too far away getting photos taken and joined in halfway through for appetizers and drinks. They let you request the drinks you want so we had pina coladas I think or margaritas and my favorite, mojitos! We didn't pay for additional food and it was good for use. The appetizers we had were great. It would really depend on how much time you have between the cocktail hour and reception. The area by the chapel is beautiful and I saw one wedding have their cocktail hour there, I think it would be a great spot! You are right next to the Sugar grill or bar I believe so if guests would like more drinks they could go there. We saw a wedding party and guests hanging out there between their cocktail hour and reception. They often have live music there at night which is nice. For rental of tables and chairs the cost isn't too bad. I rented two or three tall cocktail tables and I think it was 40$ or so. You probably wouldn't need many chairs unless you have a lot of older guests. With the cocktail tables, guests mingled around more...this is also what I saw with the larger weddings that were taken place.
  6. BeaBride, In regards to the AV equipment, I would have to check in my paperwork but I don't think it was included in the Ultimate package for the ceremony....I saw on here that there was a Webinar with Landy one of the coordinators coming up right away, are you participating? You could ask her more specific questions. For the reception because we were only 11 we didn't need a sound system. But we wanted to have music for dinner and so we could do our first dance. We brought our laptop and portable high quality speakers and it worked out great! If you are having more guests, I would recommend a sound system rental especially if you are having your reception outside. Ours was supposed to be outside by the Dolphin pool but the morning of the wedding, our WC highly recommended moving it in as they were forecasting strong winds. I am glad we did as they night before we went to the Mexican Fiesta outside and we all rushed to eat so we could move in as it was quite breezy.
  7. Good luck Canadiangirl! Try not to stress too much! You will be more relaxed when you get there and see your friends and family! It goes by so fast. Enjoy! Congratulations and looking forward to seeing photos!
  8. The resort charge for the vases is I believe 30$ each! I know because I was going to rent three to put our bouquets in them for the reception. What I did and it worked out great was I brought( in my carry on) turquoise and red glass candle/votive holders which were two different sizes. Then I found some tin/metal vases at Michael's that I spray painted red to make our wedding color. They were light and easy to pack instead of hauling glass vases in my carry on and the wedding coordinators put some sand in them for us so we could stand up our bouquets. Depending which wedding package you are getting, you may have one or two flower arrangements included. I guess it also depends how big your wedding is...guest wise.With the Ultimate package, we requested that the wedding table arrangement be the same as the other one included in the package. We had one long table for our reception so we used these arrangements along with the decor I brought and it worked out great. As it was my carry on was full with the votive holders and my wedding bouquet, ( I have real touch) If you are only going to have a few vases, I would rent them. I had brought just enough decor/stuff and so glad I didn't bring anymore breakables or vases. I have included a photo to maybe help you with some ideas. FYI, we had Natalia as our WC but they did the set up and did a great job! I did draw out a fairly detailed drawing of how I wanted the table set up but I thought they did a great job.
  9. I forgot to mention that we asked for the Mexican trio to perform at the beginning of our dinner reception instead of the cocktail hour. I am so glad we did this as my husband and I wanted to be able to enjoy them instead of being off taking photos. They stayed through our appetizers. I got up and danced with our friends' little boy and they played music that everyone knew....the in laws and older guests were even singing along!!
  10. BeaBride, I would highly recommend going with the Ultimate package. We had also originally booked the Dreams of Love package but after comparing the cost for the aisle runner( i wanted it), the mexican trio(so worth the money) etc, we upgraded. Best decision we made. Plus you get more photos from the resort. Although we had an outside photographer, we used the resort photographer for the wedding video and the 50 free prints. We got them to come to the reception.
  11. Yes it is true...in South Edmonton Common...I think it was supposed to be opening in April..not sure if they are on time or not.
  12. Hi Janette, I wouldn't worry, a similar thing happened to me near the end. Judy is likely just really busy. I didn't get my proofs til a few days before she shipped them then she made the changes quickly. Her shipping only took 2-3 days. I know it is tight but I am sure everything is fine. Hang in there!
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