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  1. i just happened to come back to take a peak at all of the exciting wedding blogs and came across yours. EVERYTHING and i do mean EVERYTHING is so super cute. was hoping to see some wedding pics...of you, your planning efforts on showcase and everything else. i'm really hoping all turned out as you planned.... i trust you and yours are doing well! may you both continue to be blessed!!! R~ ps..if you posted pics and i somehow didn't see them...please let me know as i'd love to see everything in action. CONGRATS!!!
  2. Well, I wish I could say I started planning but shortly after my wedding, my love and I relocated from TX or the Pacific Northwest so no planning for me. I've been concentrating on getting our new home together, etc. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the planning thread. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the planning. Good luck to you and yours. Until next time, happy planning. R~
  3. It's a Mori Lee...there's an even prettier version available now. If I had the choice between mine and the newer version, I'd go with the newer one. Check out the Mori Lee website for details. I will tell you, the dress was very popular with BDW.com brides. It was very lightweight and incredibly cost efficient. Good luck & Happy planning!!! R~
  4. these are absolutely beautiful! love..LOVE..love them!!!! can't wait to see the rest of your DIY creations... happy planning!! R~
  5. Aww...I loved seeing this...it's been a minute since my wedding AND after wanting to jump the broom...my daughter forgot it at home so we didnt get to jump it but we plan to on our first anniversary so we can pass the broom down and around. Traditions have to start somewhere, right??? :D R~
  6. I used Marcia and I would warn all who use her to be very careful! She used one of my photos in an ad campaign without my consent. And I believe there are other more qualified photographers out there. If I had to do it all over again, I'd go with another professional. R~
  7. Your thread is sooooo much fun!!! Very well put together!!! Love the STDs and the goodies!!! Bravo!!! Bravo!!! BRAVO!!! Happy planning!!! R~
  8. man...girl, i know you were so upset...by now, i hope you're on a beach, sunbathing and living life like its golden...i trust you guys made it safe and sound. we're all sitting on pins and needles waiting for pics!!! enjoy, love!!!! R~
  9. Yeah, it's a weird thing...and I hope no other bride has the same experience. Wish someone would've warned me...apparently, the practice is widespread so BEWARE! R~
  10. Hi there!!! First let me say, you made me blush. I was super tickled to hear that you read the entire thread! It was so much fun documenting my planning efforts on BDW.com. I seriously doubt I would've had the guts to tackle so many projects if it hadn't been for this site. The fellow destination brides were so encouraging and I simply didn't want to let them down. Second, I trust your fiancé will buckle up and enjoy the planning ride. Treasure each moment because it goes by so fast. I'd love to rewind and do it ALL over again. Of course, my husband would probably lock me up if I even tried t
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