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  1. we only had 5 hours of coverage - 3.5 wedding, 1.5 TTD. We recieved +/- 750 images and I love +/- 400 of them. I really struggled selecting my favorites for our wedding album; I used close to 150 in 40 pages. Some are very similar with subtle differnence that have a huge impact and evoke something a little different. Probably crazy and not true, but I'm convinced that our coverage is amoung the best work our photographer has ever done. This is how happy I am with our photo coverage, I'm totally obsessed with looking at them, and I'm sure you'll feek the same way once you receive them.
  2. Beautiful pics Dayna, you were a gorgeous bride. The last TTD pic posted is fantastic!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by csho Wow! Your dress was gorgeous!!! Thank you!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Bridetobe2014 OMG!!!!! You were such a gorgeous bride! I cant believe how pretty your dress is. Who was your photographer? Thank you! We contracted Sascha Gluck for our wedding day coverage.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by brownsugarbride Choco- I am so backwards! I am still in the process of finalizing my venue for the actual wedding but think I have a dress. (My venue of choice, Grand Coral Beach Club, decided to institute a very large new site fee. However, I am still leaning toward staying at NJ.) You also must be psychic, because I've never mentioned a dress, but I tried on a Mori Lee yesterday! LOL LOL I think I have settled on a dress (not a Mori Lee), and I have to say, I am very surprised by my choice but pleased---especially as it is way under budget. I'm just waiting for it to go on sale, even though it's fairly inexpensive now. Okay, so I was wrong, but congrats on finding your dress! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can get it for a steal. Any savings will help especially with the increased site fees at GCBC... Great choice in venues by the way. We loved the idea of hosting our wedding their, but couldn't justify the site fee for our guest count of 22.
  6. Cinnagirl, Thanks for the compliments and I love the idea of wearing your dress again for a TTD. We had so much fun during our sunrise TTD beach shoot that we’re planning on a cenote TTD when we return to Mexico for our 1 year anniversary. I would love to wear my dress again, but in hind sight, wearing a lace dress for a TTD was not a smart move for me. With all my layers of lace and tulle, it easily weighed +/-40 lbs once it got saturated with ocean water and packed in sand… I posted a few pics here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/74305/trash-the-dress-yes-or-no/370#post_1923082 Brownsugarbride, LOL, I love reading your feedback. Thanks for the compliments. Have you settled on a dress yet. I’m recalling a Mori Lee?!?!? Am I way off base here? AllieH, Hey Allie, thanks for the kind words. Yes, Justin now knows about dress number one, but it wasn’t until after we returned home. He loved my lace mermaid, and only cared that I was able to recoup most of my cost from the first dress, which I did (thank goodness). His perspective started to change once we were in Mexico, he stopped seeing $$ signs and was more intune with our marriage and the wedding. I think it all fell in place and just started to make sense. Keep your eyes peeled on FB and if you follow the link above in my response to Cinnagirl, there are a few from our TTD. A few more pics may randomly appear but I think this may be the extent of my pic posting on BDW. Tyrebride2b2013, Thank you. Happy might be an understatement, when I was looking through our pics I never realized that my smile was so big, I was all gums. This wasn’t too flattering, but there was no hiding my emotions that day.
  7. The last two pics that I posted show the dress at it's worse, which was pretty bad. The lace and tulle underskirt definitely trapped a lot of sand and weighed my dress down. I thought for sure that I truely trashed my dress. But the dry cleaners did a fantastic job, it's close to 95-98% like new. But it took them twice as long to clean my dress than what they anticipated. The worse damage was a few frayed buttons from sitting/sliding around on the pier.
  8. Thanks Kristie! waiting for the pro pics to come in was torture and now I'm obsessed with them...
  9. I loved my dress, and now that I've received my pro pics I've been even more tempted to put it back on just for kicks.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by ChocoTaco7568 Quote: Agreed. Our TTD shoot was so much fun and I was so happy that we decided to do this together. We chose to do our shoot at sunrise (we started at 6:00am) which was a brutal, but we fell right into our rhythm within 5 minutes of starting. The beach was seclude and felt like our own and the temperature was cool and comfortable at 78 instead of 92 and humid. For those who are concerned with taking away time from your guest, I would recommend this as an option. When it was all said and done my dress was completely saturated in ocean water/sand and easily weighed 40lbs. And I admit, when it took my dress off and looked at it after the shoot, I was a bit disheartened. I truly thought that I ruined my dress, but I sent it off to the my hotels preferred cleaners and was amazed at the condition that it was restored to. I wouldn’t say it looked like new but maybe 95%. The hemline was a bit discolored in a few spots and a few buttons have permanent smudges (sitting/sliding around on the pier) but these can be replaced. I can’t wait to receive our pics and I’ll be sure to post a few. Trash the Dress....yes or no??? HECK YES Following-up with some pics, I love them all.
  11. Landon - photographers are not considered vendors at Now Jade. You only need an outside guest/wedding day pass.
  12. Ali, This was definitely worth the wait. Your photog did an amazing job capturing your wedding day. these pics are phenomenal and you were absolutely beautiful. Congrats newlywed and thanks for sharing your memories. It's been great fun planning with you over the past year and I wish you both many years of happiness! Tova
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