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  1. Hi Tonya, It's included if you do a semi private dinner. This is usually at some of the restaurants and they're not completely private. I did pay per plate for the reception dinner and the cost depends on the meal you choose, it can be anywhere from $15 and upwards.
  2. We got 'free' fans on the skydeck for the guests to use. I didn't really see anyone using them. Mind you our day was very windy. Melissa
  3. For anyone that wants to make their own barefoot sandals, I posted a tutorial here! http://www.miloandben.com/barefoot-sandals/
  4. hey guys, I got a bunch of questions asking about the barefoot sandals so I posted a tutorial on how to make them! http://www.miloandben.com/barefoot-sandals/
  5. lol clearly I was having computer problems as it wasn't showing me the quoted message... yes $800 although I got married just as they increased them so I paid the old price of $500
  6. Hey Kathy, I think you're talking to me? Thanks! No, Doremixx is an outside vendor and you will have to pay the fee. He's totally worth it and doesn't compare to the DJ the resort offers. Melissa
  7. oops forgot to mentions, if you click on my planning blog below you'll see pictures of where I had mine as well. Even tho plaza zavas is outdoors, it worked out great for us. Felt really private, no issues with music or partying.
  8. I wouldn't worry about it, it's not the rainy season. It called for rain on our wedding day and it didn't rain once the whole week! PS why does blue les caribe keep posting? I thought I saw those pics before..
  9. We had 4 guests book 4 days before departure. They ended up arriving a day later because the flights were booked. There were really no issues other than the annoyance of changing meal quantities etc. with the coordinator. Other than that we anticipated them coming and prepared extra favours, seating cards etc. We left the seating chart last min anticipating something like this. But there were really no problems!
  10. Actually, you're right, we got it because our travel agent was a registered GI consultant.
  11. We also had a free cocktail hour. It was part of the free sweet wedding package and probably in the others as well. You might want to ask for the packages or download them from the website. It does include appetizers and a signature drink. We didn't get to eat anything but the guests said the food was delicious.
  12. Yes, we did create that. We sat down one afternoon and started dooling! It came out well she did! she was more than awesome. haha, thanks for the compliment! something tells me I might over the top with a baby shower or kid's party
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