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  1. Go with what you want your day to be! Having everything on one side, of course makes things easier for your guest. However; so does the usage of the shuttle. Just understand that your guest will arrive a few minutes apart etc.....so if your off taking pictures, that's okay especially if you are having a cocktail hour. However; if your not having a cocktail hour, and want to do something like "have your first dance" immediately then you may want to rethink either having everything on one side, or putting your dance etc.. at a different time. Hope this helps. Quote: Originally Posted by kaliellis10 Thanks! I was a bit worried because the WC that I have been talking to seemed to be trying to convince me to have my reception somewhere else so that my guests wouldn't have to take the shuttle to the other side of the resort....
  2. I had everything on the Nizuc side. However; the shuttle services are great. Your wedding coordinator will use the walkie to call whomever, whenever to assist. That should be the least of your worries. Hope that helps Quote: Originally Posted by kaliellis10 Has anyone had their ceremony on the nizuc side and their reception on the sunrise side and had to use the lobby to lobby shuttle to get guests to the other side of the resort? Just wondering if it went smoothly....
  3. This sounds wonderful, and I am sure that many brides here and on other Moon Palace threads would love this. While I am married 4/21/12, this would have been grand to take less stress off of the bride (DIYing, bringing their own etc..) Have you posted this information in other Moon Palace Threads? I know they would eat it up. Best of Luck to you Quote: Originally Posted by Yazmin De La Mora Hello coconoir1908, For the above wedding, the Bride has hired our Coordination & Decor services later, after booking with the hotel because she was looking for a more personalized service so once we were hired, we have talked to the wedding coordinators on site, arrange meetings, site inspection, menu tasting, everything on behalf of the Bride. The Hotel was great to deal with, specially our wedding coordinator on site who was Zaray and was great to work with. We have arranged special deals for the Bride to paid a few extra fees for bringing some of our vendors. So there are two ways to book our services: 1. Before booking with the hotel you can hire our coordination services and arrange everything through us (more benefits) hotel rooms + vendors fee + coordination + decor. 2. Once you have booked with the hotel, you can hire our coordination + decor, services. Please let me know if you have any questions at info@yazmindelamora.com Best Regards,
  4. Beautiful! For upcoming brides to know, how would someone go about using your services and by passing the on-site coordinators? Or is this a part of the Moon Palace Services? Quote: Originally Posted by Yazmin De La Mora Dear Brides, I would like to share one of our weddings, coordinated and decorated by us at the Moon Palace that was yesterday. The wedding coordinators on site were all Great! Zaray, Laura and Andrea, very supportive and flexible. The Ceremony was at the Chapel, cocktail at the garden of the Chapel and the Reception at the Playa Caribeño for 50 people. Here are some non professional pics. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly at info@yazmindelamora.com
  5. Your welcome Quote: Originally Posted by sharmer thanks for all the ideas! Thanks so much, your welcome. Quote: Originally Posted by smithandsweet Really nice!! thanks for the ideas!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by kaliellis10 Just wondering for people that have had their reception on one of the terraces....where do people go to the bathroom? There are so many areas where one can go to the restroom, your coordinator can point folks in the right direction. Also some may just go back to their rooms depending on how close it is to your location.
  7. The packages were totally different and bland (IMO) when we were planning. So, MP was all out for us bringing our own decor and you just pay for the cost of your decor set-up (I didn't have to pay that either :-) Now with the Cowell packages, you have a lot of options but yet I don't find the benefits all that enticing as it once was. They definitely have more of the "keep this in house" kind of mentality. Happy Planning!
  8. Britt, In my response I sent some non professional pictures as the pro ones are way too large. As Shan0487 said, we did invite a few onlookers that came up by way of the steps to party with us as they were dancing on the steps. That's just how hubby and I are (as we met at a party and danced all night long together). When we found out they were from Philly as well, it was like family. We had the whole terrace, run of the sushi bar which many of my guest used after their fill of the buffet, and again those that smoked went over the other side to smoke (both hubby and I can't stand smoke). Valeria are on-site coord, really took good care of us.
  9. Britt, I just responded. I was on vacation from the 17th until the 23rd and in the midst of that had a death in the family. My apologies for the last response.
  10. For us it was worth the extra cost to get what I wanted without passers-by! In addition we were given an extra hour at our reception as a thank you for the business that we brought it. For us it was the best and we would do it again!
  11. Hi Britt, I had a total of 64 people on the Caribbean Terrace and it was definitely worth the extra set-up if you can swing it. The privacy and view is second to none. Nevertheless, the set-up would be conducive so that you would have an area to dance, they would make sure of that and you can stress that when you have your appointment as well.
  12. August UPDATE 1 Butter by Nadia dress color Blue Juice paid $268 asking $150 (SOLD) 1 NWT (New With Tags) Medium bathing suit paid $85 asking $35 1 32' Turquoise "Thank You" parasol. NEVER used (I forgot to pack it) $25.00 1 New & Authentic COACH iPhone 4/4s Khaki/Pink case $25.00 (ADDED) 36 DIY Boarding Pass Covers adorned w/ Fuchsia & Turquoise Butterflies & Bling. $15.00 1 8.5' Wooden Ampersand. Painted with Martha Stewart Pearl Paint $8.50 1 Making Memories Eyelet Kit $10.00 5 Naughty Nite kits in turquoise organza bags $2.00 a bag or $1.50 a bag for all. *contents include: condoms (exp: 2015), dental dams (no expiration), lube black( exp: 10/13, pink 12/13), VCF film: (exp: 6/14) *Extra Dental Dams & Lubes for sell (Dental Dams or Lubes $1.00 or 2 for $0.80), 20 3' Fuchsia Butterflies $3.50 20 3' Turquoise Butterflies $3.50 25 envelope mailers $6.50 30 Turquoise lunch bags $5.50 1 Turquoise wrapphia ribbon $2.50 *ALL items do not include shipping cost. *Will combine shipping for multiple orders. *Will ship next day after money clears.... *Accept PayPal Only
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