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  1. It took me just short of 4 months to receive my photos. I had received teasers months earlier. In the end William was very busy and has made countless apologies for this. If you're concerned with the delivery of pictures, you can always add a clause to your contract - I didn't think about it at the time otherwise I would have. We only looked at a couple of photographers - once we saw his portfolio, we knew we made the right decision. We remain in contact and he continues to keep himself very busy with bookings Would love to see more pics Ocean!
  2. Hi Oceanwonderland, Sorry for the delay- i'm not frequenting this site too much now. I did eventually get my pics - 4 months after our wedding. It wasn't stipulated in our contract. If I had to do things differently I would have gone through with our original agreement (1/2 of the fee due at the wedding, the remaining 1/2 due upon completion of photos.) Maybe this would have encouraged him to work a bit quicker.
  3. No. I think I've been more than patient. I'm not really sure what's acceptable for destination photos but I'm really disappointed with how long this has taken. He keeps telling me how busy he is with weddings - that disappoints me even more - the fact that he values new business more than existing business. I suppose he hasn't learned yet that word of mouth goes a long way..... I referred quite a few girls in the beginning but I've stopped talking about him now
  4. Hmmmm....I'm 50/50 right now. The good pictures he took ARE really good but I feel (now looking back) he needed more guidance or ideas. Some pictures we look at and we wonder what was he thinking or envisioning?! His style is awesome! And he has done alot of weddings since ours so you should be fine. Be specific with your wishes
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by KGirl99 I am surprised that your TA was able to get you your free private event. When my WC provided me with the group contract link, he stated that in order to qualify for the free amenities, our guests must book through the link or through him. My TA didn't get me anything LOL. My TA simply booked my travel and said that they weren't responsible for any incentives that MP was offering. I had to fight for myself
  6. I didn't have a great experience with her Every time I sent her an email, she always redirected me. To me, it was her job only to collect your $ and then send you elsewhere.
  7. UPDATE: I've received access to online mini galleries only. Still waiting for TTD gallery to be uploaded. None of the photos we have access to are in high resolution and therefore still can't be downloaded
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by julieswedding Indy - if you are not a member of Palace Resorts, then $400 for one night in April is correct. Actually that is the cheapest room they have. Most of the rooms are between $500 and $700 a night. We used the resort photographer that came with the Sapphire Package and added on the entire CD of photos for $165 more and we got a video also of ceremony and reception. The photos turned out spectacular! Nope...if you book thru their website the rates are likely cheaper. We paid $286 for the photographer. If we had of booked for both of them at that time, it would have been $322USD.
  9. Still available: 50 brand new small organza bags - paid $29.99 @ Michael's. 35 white LED battery operated tea lights, blow on, blow off. - paid $35.00 36 turquoise linen dinner napkins - paid $55.00 100 brand new turqoise beverage napkins (disposable) - paid $3.99/pk.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by lovelytlc what is total weight? and size of center 1 Princess Cut Prong Set diamond, avg. gauging 4.60x4.40x2.90mm (depth estimated), approximate total weight 0.50ct. Clarity : SI-2 Colour: F Cut: Good 22 round brilliant bead set diamonds, avg. gauging 1.70-2.20x1.19mm (depth estimate), estimate total weight 0.66ct. Clarity: VS-2 --SI-1 Colour: G--H Cut: Good Total diamond weight - 1.16 ct
  11. Hi ladies, FOR SALE: 14K white gold princess cut, prong style, engagement ring 14K white gold bead set wedding ring 14K white gold bead set anniversary ring **Both bands are "notched" to fit the engagement ring The rings are 2yrs. old - still in wonderful condition. Appraised at $7200.00
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by marta0331 Does anyone know if the hotel will allow you to bring in your own linens (ie. tablecloths, runners, napkins?) They're trying to charge me $450 per table just for the nicer set up in addition to their regular $400+ fee per table for a private function. I only brought napkins BUT I had quite a bit of decorations. My WC set everything up n/c.
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