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  1. My dress is Paloma Blanca 4001. I'm lucky enough to have big folds in the front of my dress that will hide the front bustle. But i'm sure that if you talk to who ever is doing the alterations, they should be able to figure out a way to help!
  2. *** A tip for any brides that are going barefoot during the ceremony and wearing big heels for the reception *** I had my 2nd dress fitting last night and when i told the woman doing my alterations that i wanted to practice walking in the dress barefoot because that's what i'm doing in my ceremony she came up with an amazing idea!! since my dress was dragging and it was VERY difficult to walk in, she made me a front bustle that's hidden by one of the big creases in my dress so that the dress can be taken up slightly in the front so that when i'm barefoot it will be the perfect length and i can walk in it easily. If anyone plans on going barefoot in the ceremony but is wearing large heels for the reception, remember to mention it to the person doing your dress alterations!!!!!
  3. I have no intentions of wearing my shoes very long either! i primarily got them for the getting ready and detail pics!!!! but one thing that i did discover that came in really handy is that you can get heels shortened if need be. I'm in NYC and took my Badgley 4 3/4" heel shoes to the Leather Spa on 5th ave and 54th (i think) and for $20 they took the heel down 1/4" which really makes a difference. they are MUCH easier to walk in!
  4. I LOVE the blue!! you should totally wear those for the wedding as well as the shower!!!
  5. Jwed12 - i had the same concerns that you did about the length of the dress. i'm going barefoot for my ceremony and then putting on close to 5" heels for my reception. I've actually been stalking peoples pics to see what they've done and have notice quite a few girls who did the same. I spoke to one and she got her dress hemmed for the shoes. it did drag on the beach but she said she just took careful steps and it wasn't a big deal at all. I feel like it's better for the dress to drag on the beach than it is for it to be too short at the reception. check out this link: http://www.danielaguilarblog.com/?p=776 Kristine wore 5" jimmy choo's and went barefoot on the beach and her dress looks amazing at both the ceremony and the reception! hope this helps!
  6. the shows that i'm wearing come in white too (Badgley Mischka "Lissa" Evening pumps)
  7. i have tons of info for you. if you want me to send you some, just send me a PM with your email address and i'll send some info along!
  8. Welcome LennyJune2012 and congrats on your engagement and choosing La Amada!! Send me a PM with your email address and i'll add you to the chain!
  9. I finally got my shoes and couldn't be more excited! I am totally in love with them. For the ceremony i'm going barefoot but then putting these on for the reception!
  10. Welcome to the forum EVTL55 and congrats on your engagement and on picking La Amada for your wedding. send me a PM with your email address and i can add you to our La Amada bride email chain.
  11. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! I have full confidence that Melissa will do a great job at my wedding! thanks for sharing!
  12. Leanne, thanks for sharing the photos. Everything looked beautiful! M&M, is there any way you could send me a pic? for some reason i don't have access to open the attachment you posted. I'm so happy to hear what a great experience you had with her. I just sent in my deposit for her to my hair and makeup as well as my 6 bridesmaids, mom and mom-in-law. I can't wait!
  13. LeanneMarie - would love to hear how the wedding went and see any pics of the makeup done by MVP if you have any!
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