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  1. @khmciver If they are staying as hotel guests, you DO NOT have to pay vendor fee
  2. @@talicea7812 I am doing true touch flowers, a friend lives in Cancun and she si receiving them and then giving them to me before arriving to the hotel. I also read a lot about brides receiving the flowers outside the lobby. i think is pretty much doable
  3. @@lordleon @@ng2015 @@KaraEbeth Ladies, Information for the smores party. Got this file from my WC: CONCEPT: If you need something exciting and fun at the same time?, then gather your Family and Friends around a bonfire and let magic moment begins. INCLUDES: •Invitation for all group members upon arrival • Marshmallow roast on the Beach •Premium beverages service LOCATION: Beach DURATION OF THE EVENT: 2 hours TIME OF THE EVENT: 6pm - 8 pm HOW MANY PEOPLE: Minimum required 12, Maximum 60 SURCHARGE APPLIES / Add on: •Personalized shirts, hats, beach bags, traditional Mexi
  4. @@girlinthecity97 Thank you! Thats very helpful! I was really worried i was gonna have to decide on the blind
  5. @@KaraEbeth I booked though destination weddings, and after I booked i realized there was this promotion for the boat i qualifyed for. So I spoke with the TA and booked it for free. My group for the Catamaran is around the same as yours, so i am happy to pay that. The Smoores was a bit better than any of the Cocktail options and Azul, and felt much more original to me, so we are doing it the day everyone arrives, which helps as an ice breaker as a lot of our guests have never met each other. I am excited about the beachy feel, and I get to do some celebration on the beach, but not the actual
  6. Hello brides! Quick questions about cakes. I wont be able to taste anything before getting to Azul, and while i have asked over 4 times, noone has telled me if i can define cake flavour when i arrive. Is anyone in that position? does anyone know if I can taste the cakes once i land in Mexico and decide then? If not, anyone has any insight on the options? The cake might be in the top three prority list for my fiance, so i am trying to make sure it is well taken care off. Thanks!
  7. @@KaraEbeth i am doing both the Catamaran and the Smores party. For the first one, we are doing a "free up to 40 people" promotion, and paying for drinks. The cost by person for domestic open bar is $20 per person for two hours. Not cheap, but i really wanted to do the boat. The Smores party seems pretty cool as a Welcome Cocktail, and it lasts a couple of hours at sunset (18:00 to 20:00)... all the extras are a bit much, but we dont think we needed. It includes the open bar and the bonfire. Cost is $16 per person. Best!
  8. @smhvb5Hi brides! Congratulations to you all. I am getting married in Azul Beach this August and very excited about it! Just a thought for you to consider, there are a lot of add ups! Specially if you have over 24 guests and considering decoration. The ~30 per guest on the beach assumes no decoration at all, and once you do the math with the Karisma prices, there is a significant price involved. Also, you do need to make sure you like what Lomas has to offer, cause vendor fees are ridiculous, and are per day. For example, if you have an external photographer and another company for a boot
  9. @girlinthecity97 Thank you so much for this flower tip! I was not even considering fake flowers, but these look great, and I was so not wanting to pay a little fortune to Lomas for mediocre bouquets that would die in the sun and should cost a tenth of their prices. Loved what say at Bloombridal.com, lets see what they quote...
  10. @@girlinthecity97 Yes, we probably will have to sacrifice video too. Its a shame though. Really trying to find a way around it. @@talicea7812 Our wedding is on August 17th. Glad you could find a way to get your photographer for a nice balanced value! Congrats. You are close, right? Hope things are shaping up now!
  11. I am struggling with the outside vendor fee and my photograph. How have you girls managed this? Paid the 3 nights or the $800 vendor fee? I have heard of brides that marry at Karisma and share with another bride the cost, but I am not sure how to find who is getting married the same weekend. Any word of advice?
  12. @girlinthecity97 Congrats! I am sure you are gonna have an amazing wedding. Just curiosity: Which properties did you chose as your top three?
  13. I would agree on a travel agent. I am planning for August 2014 and was sure was not gonna be able to handle all on my own, so we also went for destination weddings.com. We have Karen Vanwesten and are very happy up until now. We were able to get a faster response. Now, we did not get that much of a help on room prices, but we are getting some perks on the wedding itself that are really helping. We had a similar problem, needed family friendly, not too expensive for guests, as must are already paying expensive flight tickets. I just booked Azul Beach for August and we are paying $200 per ni
  14. Talicea, Who is your planner? I hope i get a good one! Are you doing a la carte or collections? Good luck to you!
  15. Getting married August 17th at Azul Beach. Anyone has any tips/ advise?
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