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  1. @@Lilgabri03 I used Dean Sanderson for photos and Mike Cantarell for Videography -- they worked as a great team coming in as 1 vendor so I didnt need to pay vendor fees for each vendor. Loved their work as well. http://mikecantarellfilms.com/mayanpalace/homaira_farhad/ https://www.facebook.com/DeanSandersonWeddings
  2. @@Jb2b I had the garden gazebo ceremony as well and honestly, if you do not want to purchase flowers I think you can make the choice to skip it. The garden gazebo is pretty with the trees and plants there. It pretty much almost swallowed my decor. Yes, I did select all of my decor, table settings etc but you can choose to select one of the memorable moments collection if it makes it easier for you. I did not make my selections from the lomas website, I selected my options from pintrest and got price quotes on those items (what lomas does, is that they find a decor similar to whatever picture y
  3. @Lilgabri03 my quote was $225 a table for the centerpiece - yes it adds up really quick but to save money I had 9 guests at each table and for the guest of honor table, I had about 8 or 7 (I cant remember now). Also, another way I found to save money could be to move some of your decor from the location of your ceremony to your reception. I requested that all my decor which would look good at the reception be moved including the chair ribbons, flowers etc except the white sheers. The resort was great. We had a blast. Management at Azul Fives really goes all out for their guests. Most of my gue
  4. @@Lilgabri03 Just an update on how my wedding reception went at the Sky Deck - It was windy while we had the ceremony at the garden gazebo but when we got up to the Sky Deck, it was not windy at all. It was just perfect and beautiful up there. I do have to post a warning though if you are making your selections and getting quotes of decor from pictures, you want to ensure your wedding coordinator sends you a picture of what Lomas will provide on the day of the event. What I got to find out is that they do not provide you the exact or similar looking item but use what they have that is clos
  5. @Lilgabri03 I am having my reception on the Skydeck as well at 7.30pm and in 2 weeks. I can provide you with feedback when I get back. So far, I have been told it can get windy but my wedding coordinator is not bothered about my decor just the votive candles, hanging crystals and candles but we have a plan B if it gets windy. @khmciver I made an official complaint via email to my previous wedding coordinator's manager. My Travel Specialist with Destination Weddings Travel also submitted a compliant on my behalf to the Karisma Hotels' head office regarding my previous wedding coordinator an
  6. This could be a good display frame for the reception. I came across it while trying to decide how to display the table numbers and/ISPY cards. They are 0.99 too. I like it but still trying to figure out if the colors work for my decor: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30151035/ http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70223653/ Hoping this saves someone else some search time :-) this is a picture of what it could look like: http://www.tradesy.com/weddings/wedding-miscellaneous/tolsby-double-sided-frame-397931
  7. If anyone is looking to print via vistaprint, here is a deal on groupon: https://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-vistaprint-business-cards-custom-goods I have been looking for map/brochures to give my guests in their OOT bags but I found this instead. I hope you ladies find these links useful. It can take hours searching. Mexico Spanish Phrases: http://www.single-serving.com/Spanish/American_Spanish_Phrases-USL.pdf
  8. @talicea7812 thank you for the information on getting the favors to Mexico. That is very helpful to know! Hi Ladies, I will be getting married April 16th. We decided to change ours from a symbolic wedding to a legal one (fiance prefers to keep it simple, which I kinda agree with although I think it will be interesting to see how this goes) Our wedding will be in the garden gazebo, cocktail hour at the Zky Bar (glad to know it is floor below the Sky Deck) - my previous wedding coordinator was not very helpful in offering that detail when I asked. The reception will be at the Sky Deck.
  9. Let's talk getting wedding favors to Mexico.... did anyone have issues getting wedding favors to mexico or were there issues at the airport? Thank you
  10. @@talicea7812 I got the deal listed below and I only booked 15 rooms when I signed my contract. I now have 18 though. http://www.karismaho...groomstayfreeaz " Book ANY OF THE AZUL HOTELS FOR WEDDINGS AND RECEIVE 20% OFF PRIVATE EVENTS, $250 IN RESORT CREDITS FOR ALL GUESTS, PLUS A FREE SUITE FOR THE BRIDE AND GROOM! Room Details: Current room rate promotions apply Free Rooms: Bride and Groom can earn free rooms based on the size of their wedding group (varies by hotel and date range) One free room for every 10 rooms booked Resort Credit: Guests can receive up to $250 per room resort cr
  11. I made my booking deadline with the travel agent my RSVP date as well and it made the process a lot easier for me. Also I mailed out invitations only to those who confirmed their rooms by that deadline... easy peasy!
  12. @@KScheer responding to your mail now @@talicea7812 I have the same concerns as well. The same for hair and make-up, I havent read a good review on the bridal service provided by the salon...I am so confused now if I have to fly an entourage in..LMAO! I spoke to my destination wedding specialist and she mentioned that the vendor fee is per day..which kinda sucks because I have a traditional ceremony on tuesday (per nigerian tradition) and the actual wedding on Wednesday...also she will be speaking to the head office for the Karisma Hotels regarding Stephanie. Hopefully, this helps but we s
  13. Hi, Does anyone know if the vendor fee charged by Karisma is per day or just per vendor?
  14. I am still waiting on responses I sent to my coordinator on Friday and also emails I sent to Caripe and Matias Cano for photography and videography ... I am presently considering using Dean Sanderson and Mike Cantarell for Photography and Film. @@talicea7812 @@KScheer would you happen to know if the vendor fee is per day or just per vendor?
  15. Has anyone used Caribe Photo or Matias Cano for photography and Videography? Apparently these are the only 2 vendors who cater to the Azul Fives at no charge. Any feedback on these two would be great and helpful! Caribe Photo website Facebook page Packages Matias Cano website Facebook page Packages
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