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  1. @ They told me the garden area can hold up to 60 people for a reception. How many guests are you having?
  2. @@JuliaS We are having our reception in the garden area and the pool deck will be for dancing. No dance floor is needed.
  3. Hi Ladies! I haven't been on this site in a while just been busy finishing up our invitations! It will make things much easier for posting pictures...Almost 5 months out for us!
  4. @linaco80 I looked into Beso Brides and really wanted to go with them but I have decided to use the salon at Azul Fives. I've ready some recent reviews from brides saying they were happy with their hair/makeup. I refuse to pay a vendor fee for something like this!
  5. @@mazarin - Congrats!! @@Lilgabri03 - instead of choosing a memorable moments setup, create your own. White linens and either uncovered garden chairs or covered chairs with white bows are included in the package. You can do a table runner and some nice flowers. I think that's the route we are going to go. A colored table runner to match our wedding colors, nice floral centerpiece, scattered rose petals and votives.
  6. @@nina1116 - I asked my hotel for quote on the Mexican wedding cookies and I would just bring down the packaging. @@GingerJ228 the starfish bottle openers are really a cute idea. I cant figure out what to do for favors still lol
  7. @@lhills - good luck I am sure your wedding will be perfect. Cant wait to hear about it and see pics!
  8. @@asabatino We have visited Mexico too and only stayed at adult only resorts and chose Azul Fives because it was family friendly for our guests. I have to say I am also very picky. The ceremony and reception locations at Azul Fives is what sold me. The Sky Deck is amazing. We also looked at Paradisus. I was not in love with the wedding locations and didn't think guests would like the separation of the two hotels. Every hotel is going to have some bad reviews on Trip Advisor. But, overall there are over 825 excellent reviews compared to the 75 bad reviews for Azul Fives. This might sound crazy but every night I check Trip Advisor and read any new reviews that are posted Let me know how your visit goes! Move to Massapequa quickly so we can meet up and talk about this! lol @@lhills - I would love to hear how everything goes for you! Has your experience been that bad with the coordinator? I have to say my coordinator is pretty good. It might take her a few days to respond via email but I usually set up scheduled phone calls with her for a certain date/time and go over things. Then she'll send me a follow-up email highlighting all the important points of our conversation.
  9. @@asabatino - Congrats! Final decision meaning the locations where you will host your wedding? We are in North Babylon. You'll be 10 min from me in Massapequa! So cool to have a local bride getting married at the same resort in Mexico. I think you just made my day lol There is a wedding shoe store in Massapequa that you can go to when the time comes called Sandy Shoes. I got my wedding shoes from there. Please take lots of photos when you head down there later this month. I want to hear all about it! We are flying our photographer down there with us. I know her so I received a really good rate. It might be something you might want to consider doing. I personally don't care for the work of the approved photographers Azul's uses. As far as the DJ, we just went with the company they use. You fill out a sheet and provide all music choices for your wedding reception, so I assume that cant go wrong!
  10. @ - if you don't mind me asking, what were you quoted for the roses and hydrangeas? I need to send some images for quotes for centerpieces and bouquets to my coordinator - I'm holding off due to fear haha.
  11. I haven't been to Azul Fives. I've been to Riviera Maya/Playa del Carmen before and loved it. At night time I don't think it will be too hot. You cannot get married inside that is why you are getting married in Mexico! PM me your email address and I'll email you the photos my coordinator sent me. I'll also send you the group rates I received. You do know that the Deluxe Rooms only feature two double beds (which they say are on the small side) and the 1 Bedroom Suite has the king beds? Just and FYI. We reserved several rooms in each category (regular, pool view and pool walkout) and will let the guests decide. I
  12. Yes, that's the Sky Deck. A fabulous extra $1700 lol That's where we are having our ceremony too! The Sky Terrace is one level below the Sky Deck (I would do your cocktail hour there) that's is where we are having ours. The Sky Terrace is the outdoor patio area of the Zky Bar and overlooks everything also. I initially wanted our reception at the Sky Deck too I just cant handle the idea of $15 extra per person to do that. So we went with a garden reception. Plus they said it can be windy. I have photos if you end up interested in seeing the garden reception area. We are using Wright Travel Agency who specialize in destination weddings for group travels. Azul's will assign you a wedding coordinator. They are in a Miami office. You deal with that coordinator until you get down to Azul Fives. Then you deal with the onsite coordinators. Kim
  13. Yes, the cost is adding up faster than I thought! Ugh! We are having our ceremony on the Sky Deck, cocktail hour on the Sky Terrace (which is one level below the Sky Deck) and a garden reception with the pool deck for dancing/DJ. I love the idea of a garden reception. Were you assigned a wedding coordinator yet? It will probably take a few days to get one. I find that scheduling phone calls and making a list of questions is much easier than asking questions via email and waiting days for a response. Plus, you usually have additional questions after the question is answered - which is much easier to do over the phone. Just a tip that has made me less stressed
  14. Hi again! We are getting married January 11, 2015 at Azul Fives. Love that we have a 2015 thread. Let the fun begin!
  15. @khmciver I honestly think I just got lucky. Before we reserved our date I was speaking with my current coordinator and she helped answer some questions. Then when I found out I was assigned to the horrible one I reached out asking if it would be possible to be switched to her. I had her email address from when she answered some questions for me prior to booking. I did complain several times and there was another bride on here that also had a problem with the first coordinator. It couldn't hurt to ask! It does take a few days to get a response email. What I like about my current coordinator is that we usually schedule a phone call for a specific time/date and I compile all my questions and thoughts for her then. I find it easier this way. Then after our call she sends me an email confirming all the important things we covered.
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