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  1. Pics from the party when we revealed I was pregnant One year later and still happily married. What a year 2014 was! A wedding and a baby all in the same year! While awesome things were happening, I'm sad to say I am no longer in touch with any of my bridesmaids. While part of me is sad for the loss the other part is happy to move on! There's been so much joy! 2015 has a lot to live up to
  2. Chil is half enclosed...half open air. When u enter the restaurant the bar is on your right. On the other side of the bar is glass separating the indoor/ outdoor areas. There sit a separate bar on the terrace. As for dinner... I had a plated menu with 25 guests. Two long tables, a sweetheart table & a Table for sound equipment/ iPod hook up. There was plenty of room in the center for dancing. If you have more tables than I had there won't be room on the terrace. As for the bar being in the other room...totally not a big deal. The terrace would be to crowded with it out there. Keeps a nice flow. Plus most of the time my drinks were brought to me I will try to attach a pathetically drawn example of the restaurant/ my wedding layout.
  3. @@LilianneT I put up a huge fight with flowers. I sent my wc pictures of center pieces I liked and was quoted $350. Wayyyyy too much. I explored the option of bringing my own fake flowers and planned on doing that til I came across maya floral. I paid $65 or $75 for center pieces... I forget. Originally I had told the wc I was going to have the flowers delivered to the first gate. There are 2 entrances into azul. First one off the main road (security gate) then the main entrance. My husband and groomsmen were going to take a cab to e gate and pick up the flowers. When I got on site at azul and met with the on site ppl they said the flowers could be delivered to the main entrance. The day of the wedding my hubs had to grab the flowers from the lobby and take them to the wedding offices. I chose centerpieces that came fully assembled. Nothing crazy, so that the on site ppl only had to place them on the tables. I had one large arrangement and 2 small on each table (2 long tables only) my bouquet served as the centerpiece for the sweetheart table I did purchase 2 small hanging arrangements from lomas. Definitely regret that. I shoulda saved the money or had maya floral make them. The lomas flowers were cheap and ugly in comparison to the other flowers Here are some pics of my flowers:
  4. @@LilianneT Hey... So just wanted to let u know I did end up bringing my own decorations. I purchased chair bows, table runners, peacock feathers, a mr. And mrs. sign and some votive candles. (Also brought in my own fresh flowers from maya floral that only needed to be placed on the tables) I paid $250 to use my own items. I was able to fit all my decorations into one suitcase and we were able to check te bag for free (first checked bag was free. We had purchased a seat for my 2yr old daughter. We checked the bag under her and carried on her actual suitcase) I was also able to reuse some if the items at a birthday party. When I did the math it was still cheaper to buy and bring my own than to rent from lomas. I may even try to resell some of the stuff online. So crunch some numbers and see what works best for you. Good luck. Azul planning is the worst!
  5. Oh man... Honestly, my wedding was beautiful and I loved my stay at azul but I would never recommend for someone to marry there. Lomas is the biggest rip off ever! Also... Beware the cake! They wanted to charge like $12 a slice for the cake. Believe me it was not worth it. I ended up getting it for free... But if I paid they woulda heard about it As to the lies going around... Azul has ppl that review sites like this. While in the process of planning my travel agent emailed me about the complaints I had been discussing on bdw and she told me they have ppl that check into the sites. I'm sure my planning blog was reviewed at some point. Btw- I'm not looking to tell lies on here. The anger and frustration I experienced with planning was awful. I know many girls just want to have a beautiful but affordable wedding. Azul wants u to have the beautiful part the affordable part... Not so much
  6. Hi everyone! Just reading through the past few comments, sounds like nothing has changed with azul/ karisma. Ladies.... I was married April 12 at azul beach and I brought in fresh flowers. I used Marvin at maya floral. The original plan and agreement as stated on my wedding worksheet was that I would be supplying the flowers. They would be delivered to the first gate (main enterance to the resort off the Main Street) my hubs and groomsmen were going to take a cab to pick them up. Once on site without even putting up a fight...the wc's said they could be delivered to the resort gate. The day of...the flowers were brought to the lobby. I received a call from the front desk. The guys went to to grab the flowers and delivered the bouquets to my room and centerpieces to the wedding offices. Everything was perfect and I saved tons:)
  7. I hope all the ladies still planning are doing well! I check back from time to time feel free to contact me anytime
  8. Hey... I've been meaning to update my planning blog! I do have my pics and I'm very happy with them. So much so I've booked the same photographer for a family maternity session It's been a pain posting pics. I recently switched to an iPad and nothing is compatible I couldn't download the wedding pics to it... Had to use our dinosaur desktop computer. Hopefully this weekend I can get some more done. I've really been slacking! We had our daughters party where we told everyone Aubrey would be a big sister! Their faces were priceless. About 2 weeks ago we did a gender reveal cake and found out we are having another little princess Here are a few pics...mostly screen shots from the photographers website
  9. If I remember right...at first they tried to pull the $800 vendor fee. That's when I complained that the hotel didn't offer the airbrush and that's what I wanted. They didn't fight that too much but then said I would have to buy day passes for Michael n Martina. I looked up what a day pass included and since they wouldn't be staying on the resort to eat, drink, etc... I wasn't gonna pay for it. They gave me trouble about it for a while but I knew I was right. The day of they had no trouble getting on the resort and all was well. Once ur on the resort they do take care of u. My hubs and I felt like the resort ppl were all trying to make up for floridas screw ups. One word of advice...schedule hair and makeup early. We were running late and Paola the on site coordinator does not care. She rushed me alon to the point that my hands were shaking as I tried to put on my jewelry that I almost forgot about. Because of her I also missed out on some pre-wedding pics I would have liked
  10. Most likely your planning experience will not get better with time. I didn't make my final payment until the day b4 I left for Mexico. I refused to pay until everything was right. We did the reception on chil terrace. I loved it for our group size (25) I ended up doing the ceremony in the lobby. There was a chance of rain that day and honestly I loved the lobby. It's so serene plus it worked out for the best bc if we did the ceremony on the beach my hair probably wouldn't have held up as nicely. I have really temperamental hair so that combined with the salty sea air is not a good combo. I was told updos are best but insisted on half down. All I wanted was my hair to last thru the ceremony and pics. After that... Who cares! It was time to party. Renting sound equipment is the way to go. One of the groomsmen was put in charge of intros, dances and speeches and such. Worked out just fine. I attached one of my fav pics from the ceremony! I love silhouette pics I don't know what else to tell you but if u have any specific questions I'll get back to u!
  11. No problem! Planning was such a pain so anything I can do to help others! I did let the Miami coordinator know. If u try to bring outside vendors they will try to charge u all kind of fees but u gotta stick to ur guns. Say u want airbrush no matter what and refuse to pay the fees. It's been approved in the past so should be the same for everyone. I had 2 bridesmaids. Just the 3 of us used the services and u don't have to do both. My one girl is very particular about her makeup and did her own. The other BM got hair and makeup. So it's up to u and ur friends. Did I read correctly that u are getting married next month? So exciting! I wish I could do it all over again. Azul is a great place! You won't want to leave
  12. I used Beso brides and loved them. The resort approved the vendor bc I used the excuse that I wanted airbrush makeup and the hotel could not provide it. At first they were going to charge me for day passes but I fought that too. Day passes are for guests taking advantage of the resort amenities. Beso came, did hair and make up and left. So I paid $180 for hair and makeup. I forget what the girls were charged. Less than me of course. Beso's prices were pretty close to the resort prices but prob did a better job and spoke English so they were fun to hang out with. No language barrier.
  13. My photographer was Jenny Castro. She's a local girl that went to my high school. She did a friend of mines Mexico wedding and ever since I've been in love with her work. My fav type of pics are the silhouette styles and ones with the sun coming thru. Check out her work...she's amazing. She has a website and Facebook. Just google jenny Castro and all her stuff should come up.
  14. @@KaraEbeth Yep. I rented. Think it was $250 for it. A dj would have been nice but I couldn't justify spending that much for such a small group... Plus we were pretty even in numbers with young vs older crowd. Sooo I really didn't expect a ton of dancing. We took up most of the reception time with the traditional dances, speeches, dinner and cake cutting. We did a little dancing then gathered back at the aquanox bar where we sat by the beach and drank. It was a very chill evening which was perfect for me and my group.
  15. @@KaraEbeth Be glad u don't have carol! I wish she had left while she was my planner. Working with her was awful! I had my reception at chil and it was a perfect little space for my 25 ppl. As for music we did the iPod and ha a friend do the announcing. Also, if that's the route u go don't rent a mic. One was provided for us free of charge. Lomas will rent it to u for $50
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